How Holistic Soul Hypnosis can benefit your life

How Holistic Soul Hypnosis can benefit your life

Think of your mind as two people people living in the same apartment. One flatmate is called the subconscious and one the other is named the conscious mind. Together, these two people have only the best intentions in mind for this apartment. But, what if those best intentions differ completely from each-other? Imagine if those two flatmates don’t even speak the same language. How to reach a compromise that work for both if they have no way of communicating with one another? That is how it is with the conscious and subconscious mind if clear communication lacks. The good new is, Holistic Soul Hypnois works on the quantum level, there where all routes of communication can be harmoniously reconstructed to easily flow.

Holistic Soul Hypnosis, couples with ancient Reiki enegy healing energy, powerful quantum touch, crystal healing, angel healing, color therapy and the positively life-shaping NLP to ensure optimum benefits reaped by the client. Sessions are in-person and 4 hours are dedicated to each session. We start of by simply chatting, discussing why you opted to come for the session, what you hope to gain from it. Next, I explain to you what hypnosis is and what you can expect during the session. Before the actual hypnosis session, we take a nice little breather and once you are comfortable we begin. You also get 20 – 30 minutes to ground yourself before leaving after.

Holistic Soul Hypnosis opens you up to universal flow of the universe. Here lies the answers to every question you will ever ask. The subconscious mind administers more than 90% of your entire mind. The conscious part is less than 10%. The way the subconscious mind administers, so to speak, the conscious mind and our experiences of life, is by filtering out the largest majority of information our senses reports back to it and only consciously availing us with the information that forms part of what I refer to as our complete story about what is true for us. Most of this true story filters from the age 12 years old back to inception. Here’s an article explaining more about that: Read this article for a better understanding

Whatever your current manifested problem is, it had an initial activation point, during this lifetime or in a previous one. Coming from that angle, there is no need to be angry at the lack of resources, the health problem, the frustratingly hurtful pattern repeating itself over and over again or whatever it is you would like to change about your life. Belief it or not, but there were most likely times when this thought pattern that now holds you back, served you in very positive ways. Example: The woman who knew her husband is cheating hated him for it but felt powerless to leave at the time. Long after this man is no longer present in her life, she continues feeling trapped on a subconscious level. It forms part of her true story, of what is true for her, so life continues to give her knockdowns she would strongly prefer not experiencing. At the time secret drinking, overeating, spreading her finances as thinly as possible to at least provide for her children the joy she could afford in materialistic form, served her well, adding some level of value to her life. Yet now, so long after, the thought pattern of lack is still solidly cemented into her mind as a belief that is true for her, so it manifests life circumstances she wishes to escape from.

During a Holistic Soul Hypnosis session, we travel on the journey together, my voice skillfully guiding you, but truthfully you are doing all the work. Via age regression we can investigate from your current point of life, all the way back to the point of conception. With life between lives regression we can go back even further, to the existence of you outside the perception of time and space, to that magical moment just before your soul enters the human body. At this point you were crystal clear about your soul’s plan for incarting into this body and all its life will entail. I refer to this as our lifeplan, within the larger sphere of the bigger picture, which I view as the soulplan. By soul plan, I am referring to the plan of the overall connected consciousness, the sphere in which we are all one, only one and eternally connected. This is the Higher Self, also referred to as the Oversoul or Soul Consciousness, into which we tap during a session of Holistic Soul Hypnosis.

Holistic Soul Hypnosis is my own term and I choose to refer to myself as a Holistic Wellness Practitioner. I do Reiki, Crystal Healing, NLP, Metaphyical coaching, Angel Healing and I also love my tarot cards. My deep fascination and true excitement about the kind of hypnotic regression that I practice, is that instead of me doing a tarot card reading for you and providing the answers to you in the best possible way I know how to describe, you get to experience it firsthand. Don’t get me wrong, tarot is incredible and I will embrace it for the rest of this life of mine here during this lifetime on planet Earth. When you get to experience the answers to your problems yourself, the solutions, witness the multiple opportunities you missed as a result of maintaining a specific thought pattern that no longer serves you in any positive ways, then you can release it. Right there and then, to the degree of which you are ready to grow. Your subconscious mind will clearly present to you the info holding you back and then you can release it.

Holistic Soul Hypnosis can have astoundingly fast and positive effects in your life. The reason for this is simple; once you release the limiting thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you in a positive way, we work together to also set free those blessings, miracles, prosperity, abundance, peace, freedom, serenity and just beautiful moments of pure happiness you would have experienced, had this pothole not slowed down your step. Typically, Holistic Soul Hypnosis sessions will start of with 1 – 3 past life recollections, relevant to your current incarnation experience of life. A lot of times, the key to releasing our goodness in life is locked within an unresolved past life where some forgiveness is still required to rebalance the scales of your energy. Think of this as karma, if you will.

If you are looking to compare Holistic Soul Hypnosis to something else, read up on QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique as well as BQH, Beyond Quantum Healing. There are also several YouTube videos available online, posted by the incredible Alba Weinman. Guided meditation sessions, really just another term for hypnosis, formed part of my Crystal Healing practice for some time already. It is truly amazing the level of clarity that can be found, when one delves into the meticulously ordered archives of the subconscious mind. It is all about clearing out those obstacles in your mind, those belief systems that no longer serve you in positive ways. Holistic Soul Hypnosis focuses on releasing that abundant supply of self-love that can so greatly benefit your life and letting go of self-doubt and negative self-verbage. As a result of a Holistic Soul Hypnosis session, you may even find your own psychic abilities activating or substantially expanding.

If you would like to know a bit more about Hypnosis and why I love it, read this blog. Some aspects you may find interesting is that hypynosis is at least 6000 years old, many ancient civilizations applied hypnosis in their healing regime and you are frequently going in and out of a state of hypnosis. You are just not consciosly aware of this. Something else you may find interesting is that anybody can be hypnotized. The reason for this is very, very simple: We are always in a state of trance to one degree or another. Hypnosis is that state of trance just before falling asleep or waking up, that clear and gentle deep state of pure relaxation during which the argumentative, reasoning conscious mind is gently at peace, so it does not interfere in the process or water down what you experience with reason that tells you this is all just your imagination making up things.

Just like during a clear lucid dream, where you are aware of the fact that you are dreaming and can explore any possibility within this limitless sphere of being, hypnosis can be crystal clear during the session, yet details fade soon after. This is okay, because your session is recorded so the answers are always attainable to you. Even more importantly, whether you are able to recall all of the details of your hypnosis session, only some details or none at all, the great work itself is still attained all the same. This is where my love for NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, steps boldly to the forefront. Thanks to NLP, I have a very clear understanding of how the human subconscious mind operates. Plus, how to utilize this knowledge in such a way during deep hypnosis that thoughts patterns and beliefs no longer serving you possibly can be removed and in their place positive pathways can be created, which will serve you in a positive way. Once an idea is deposited in your subconscious mind it becomes part of your belief system, that unconscious filtering system from the unconscious mind to the conscious, and beautiful resolutions to your life concerns begin presenting themselves to you, easily and effortlessly. Really, life becomes a pleasure you enjoy!

Considering whether I am the right hypnotist for you or not? That’s perfectly okay. Let me tell you a little bit more about myself: I’m a spiritually-connected, born intuitive. Somehow, angel communication was something I maintained throughout my life. In 2013 I began training in Reiki and from there things just took off. Chakra balancing is something that fascinated me. Now, to some degree or another, chakra balancing forms part of my energy balancing to make sure that my session with client is one that serves only in positive ways! Holistic practitioner, Markus van der Westhuizen, has also been amazing beyond when it came to passing on priceless chakra healing techniques to me through the years! Markus specializes in a service referred to as Soulplan readings.

Holistic Soul Hypnosis focuses on energy blocks, limiting thoughts and beliefs holding you back in life, then clearing those through what Alba Weinman beatifully refers to as The Journey of Forgiveness. Forgiveness is about letting go, releasing yourself from the energy that ties you to a situation, therefore opening the space for universally strong love to come in and unfold as beautiful miracles, blessings and synchronicities, however you may choose to refer to this experience as. Angel healing, NLP and crystals form part of my sessions overall. By connecting clients to the core of the heart of Gaia and Source of ALL (my name for the eternal consciousness usually refered to as God), then unifying that connection in their own heart and expanding it, the client’s consciousness expands and a wonderful aura cleansing forms an early part of your Holistic Soul Hypnosis session. This pure sensation can only be described as heavenly, strongly setting a president to the subconscious mind as to the nature of magical healing, clearing and cleansing journey we are about to embark on.

Am I the right hypnotist for you? That is a question to which only you can have the answer. If my words resonate with you, then perhaps I am. If not, then perhaps I am not, only you can decide. Same as going into a hypnotic state of trance, I cannot do it to you. By following my voice’s prompts, you choose to transport yourself to that deep level of concentration where all healing is possible. Instead of freaking about whether Holistic Soul Hypnosis with me is for you or not, why not ponder this question: Would you like to participate in something that has the potential to improve your life in wonderfully beneficial ways? Would you like to expand your quality of life? Placed in context to all the other things you devote your time and money to, does it make logical sense to you to spend your money and dedicate 4 hours of your time to a service that has the potential to change your entire experience of life exponentially, along with the level of life quality experienced by those around you? For me, that is the real benefit of Holistic Soul Hypnosis, you and everyone else around you benefit from the session. Because you are different, everything else around you changes too. How absolutely magical is that?

To read up more about myself as a hypnotist and what I do, read this blog to determine whether I am the right hypnotist for you.

Also read my blog on Hypnosis and why I love it.

Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only.  It is not intended to be a substitute for professional assistance or personal mental health treatment by a qualified clinician.

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  1. I experienced my first QHHT/Soul hypnosis therapy with Adrian and managed to playback the recording as most of the session forsook my memory within 5 minutes. Adrian was very warm, welcoming as he always is in our sessions together and guided my subconscience and I gently throughout the session. A professional yet assuringly-human metaphysical healer

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