Indigo children. Crystal children. Rainbow children. What’s the buzz?

Photo by Guillermo Sánchez on Unsplash

Indigo children. Crystal children. Rainbow children. What’s the buzz?

This ahngreatlife blog’s writing was placed on hold for a whole day with excellent reason. As an indigo/crystal child cusp, born under the zodiac sign of Cancerian, I could not withstand the temptation of playing with my almost-two-year-old rainbow child nephew. He had a large, bright pink balloon, which seemed miraculously unbreakable!

The Indigo Children came first. They were the movers who came to give convention a good shake. Think hippies, free love in the purest sense. The Crystal Children arrived with a less in-your-face type of attitude, edging towards the tendency to rather teach. And then there’s the Rainbow Children, the light showers who teach by simply being. Crystal Children and Rainbow Children are also sometimes referred to as Star Children.

Indigo/Crystal Child Natural Health Practitioner and Metaphysician personal friend and mentor Markus van der Westhuizen founder and owner of Crystal Alchemy operating from Cape Town, beautiful Tulbagh, South Africa and internationally said the following on the matter:

“Indigos are rebels. They are outspoken. They push the limits. They don’t follow rules, they break them. They come here to teach others that they need to question instead of just blindly following. Indigos came here to pave the way for the crystals who’s nature will not allow them to push and rebel. Indigos tend to be well grounded.

Crystals are gentler. They are as sensitive as the indigos, but tend to be overly sensitive and they find it harder to separate between what’s theirs and what’s not (indigos also struggle with this, but can find the strength easier to pull themselves towards themselves). Crystals are more reserved, more quiet, not as outspoken as the indigos. Crystals find it hard to ground.
Ultimately it doesn’t matter if you’re indigo or crystal… it’s just a label… don’t feed into the ego and feel that you are special or more special than others. We are who and what we are. Each and every one of us has a mission and a journey. A mission and a journey that no one else can make. We are unique expressions of the all that is.
Labels create expectations. Expectations lead to disappoints and/or excuses and/or justifications.”

For more Markus van der Westhuizen services visit the Crystal Alchemy website: or follow him on twitter

Synchronously as the universe operates, through Markus I met a wonderful Reiki Master Healer/Trainer Nicolette Grauso who recently shared a blog Do You Have Crystal Energy? by Jennifer Hoffman in her wonderful Facebook support forum Crystal Soul Sanctuary

“You are so perfect in your innate uniqueness. Shine and be you! Share your truth with compassion, hold your boundaries with gusto (because you are awesome and deserve respect and love too) and love without conditions.” Nicolette Grauso

Nicolette hosts Wellness/Holistic Fairs at The Studio, Glencarin, Muizenberg, Cape Town For more info on this beautiful healer visit Crystal Soul Healings @crystalsoulhealings Nicolette also owns Lil Gypsi hand painted clothing and Stella Star Photography

In her capacity as a healer, Nicolette facilitates Deep Soul Healing through Crystal Auric Healing and Channeling. To me, that is plain awesome!

Back to Indigo Children, Crystal Children and Rainbow Children

Indigo Children started making their appearance around the 70’s. They were the rebels who came to pave the way by waking up the world a bit. A lot of people referred to them as stubborn troublemakers, but same as you first need to get rid of all the old blocked up debris before you can transform an old house, the indigo children came to ready humanity, assist us in this task. In many ways, their task was the most difficult and I am very grateful for this first wave of brave souls. Here’s a blog on the wonderful Indigo Children

Crystal Children began arriving around the 80′ and in a throng in the early 90’s. The Indigo Children have sufficiently paved the way. Many human beings were ready to learn. Others were curious enough to give something-else a try, either way the intention matched. So, as the saying goes Instead of trying to get attention, the Crystal Children focused quite intensely on teaching those who were willing and ready to learn. Source of ALL will never go against your free will, but the Creator Love Supreme will forever lend you that helpful loving hand of love and light. Here’s a great blog on Crystal Children

Rainbow Children came to show the way. I think of Rainbow Children as the hope of the world. They started showing up around the turn of the millennium, the year 2000. Perhaps they are the big real Y2K event! Who knows. Rainbow Children are often born to at least one Crystal Child, same as Crystal Children usually have at least one Indigo Child as a parent. Rainbow Children teach us the way by living it. They honed the ability to remain in peaceful love and light, simply humans being in the moment. Here’s a great blog on the characteristics of Rainbow Children

And then, there’s the Star Cusp Children. These are basically those who have some of either personality; Indigo and Crystal (like me) and Markus or Crystal and Rainbow which is a bit more like Nicolette. A lot of our Soul Family, like the Pleiadians, are assisting in raising the vibration of Earth to greater realms of enlightenment. The Indigo Children came to do the very important foundation work, to in a sense ready humanity. The Crystal Children came to build on that and then once we were ready for more, in came the Rainbow Children, paving the way, same as the Star Children Lightworkers before them did, to once more ready human beings for greater paths of spiritual ascension.

In closing, I would like to remind you that nobody is greater than another person in any way whatsoever. We all perfectly form part of Source of ALL (God). Every one of us is like a small, yet intricately important part, of this amazing galactic puzzle. Everyone plays a very important role. Your role may be being a spiritual teacher, a healer or not. Whatever serves you and your path of life best, I encourage you to embrace that. As my beautiful friend, Kereshen Naidoo loves saying: “You do you, boo!”

Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only.  It is not intended to be a substitute for professional assistance or personal mental health treatment by a qualified clinician.

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