Paula Luiz


I would Firstly like to say, that to me, its imperative to be able to connect, trust and be totally at ease, with the person that I’m going to be having a spiritual journey with. That’s why I chose Adrian.He is a wise and very special person. My intention going into it was to be open to receive whatever I needed to receive at this time and going forward. The experience PROFOUND. WOW !!! Really hard to describe the incredible session. It was healing, enlightening and insightful. I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to anyone who wants to understand themselves and or situations better, get some clarity, spiritual growth, remove blocks or habits that are preventing you from living your best life, or even “meeting up” with your Spirit Guides or loved ones.

I also had a TAROT READING with Adrian, a couple of weeks before the Regression Hypnosis. My reading was spot on, very helpful and I really resonated with the information. It brought me alot of comfort, understanding and guidance for the next steps I need to take. I am now seeing things from a different and more positive perspective and understanding that I have the tools and power within to have a beautiful and abundant life.

Adrian, thank you so much !