Colleen Walthew

I just received an amazing reading by Adrian that was incredibly helpful for understanding and clarity not only in my given situation but also in the action I need to take to continue my growth in my personal journey. His reading was insightful and authentic and I absolutely appreciate the feeling of connection I felt with this type of reading. I also love the fact that it is a recording specifically for me and I am free to watch it again as needed for further understanding as I tend to forget things when I sleep…lol! But also to be able to go back and see things possibly from a different perspective as I am always evolving in my understanding and then there is always those things I miss hearing something the first time. I thank you Adrian and feel as if I have made a new friend/mentor in you and ask that you are so blessed as you continue with the work that you are doing to help others discover how to best heal themselves and grow in their light! You are a beautiful soul! Namaste! 🙏💜