Beautiful eternal soul of love and light having a human being experience, Namaste 🙂

I have come to find that the only way to live a life filled with extraordinary moments that take your breath away is by my own creation, my own thoughts and loving myself. We exist, instead of life, in a world that tells us that cowboys are tough and girls are strong. Yet same as you, I am a soul having a human experience. We all know how challenging that can be at times, but I choose to make my experience fun. ahngreatlife is all about sharing what I learned and striving to constantly learn and practice ways to even better love myself.

It’s about being fully present in every moment, trusting Source of ALL, our eternal

Co-Creator. Whose with me?

ahngreatlife is a derivative of my names: Adrian H. Nelson. Born highly intuitive, I led an interesting life. In fact, for many years I did not think too much of what I know people referred to as “your gift”. To me, it was an inconvenience. As a young child, I saw orbs of light zigzagging across the dark ceiling at night. I spoke about seeing someone who passed away, yet I would not know the person has passed. The whole dying thing really freaked me out as a child. I never understood why people were so heartbroken when the passed person was usually right there, looking totally content. This does not mean I don’t get sad when loved ones pass. It simply means I now have a far better understanding of how the universe functions.

Nobody is ever alone. You can always change your mind about anything in life as long as you are prepared to accept the consequences sprouting from it, same as new little leaves from a gigantic tree. The angels are always surrounding us. Initially,  I did not believe in angels. Ironically, I have been chatting with them all my life. For as long as I can remember, I would ask a question and then actually wait for the answer. I did not understand that this was me communicating with my wonderful soul family but they tell me they really don’t mind as long as we communicate.

Angels can be very helpful sources of support in our lives. You can have a far more enriching experience of life if you choose to welcome the angels into it. Bonus: They really don’t mind, in fact, they revel in being able to assist human beings. It helps them ascend on their soul path. We are all divine beings of light, fractals of light from bigger fractals of light, making our way home. Angels are no different.

Fairies: Just when I thought things could not possibly get any better than maintaining a close friendship with the angelic realm, in came the fairies. Same as it happened when I first connected to angels, my higher soul and wonderful Host Gaia, my fairy connection was sudden, intense and true. There was no doubt. I did not wonder if this was most likely them or needed to read up anything about them because they told me who they are and in my heart, I knew something, we’ve always been in close contact. I just kept myself so busy with other things that I did not notice it.

Angels assist us in following our soul’s intentions. Spiritually, they keep us on track. Fairies have very light bodies and they move super fast. They are all about having fun whilst having this human experience. Because fairies have slight egos, they can understand human concepts. Twinflame love, manifesting that incredible mansion, lots of money, your dream job, etc, fairies have quite a helpful and influential, powerful finger in that pie. Angels don’t have egos and they only understand pure love, so much they need some assistance in helping resolve upset between two humans created by jealousy, for example. Concepts like greed, jealousy, anger, intentional hurt, etc make no sense to the angels what-so-ever. The fairies better understand these so they can assist in more productive ways.

I love people. I really adore them. Few things give me more joy than observing others living life. We strive so much to open our third eyes, and do past life regressions and so forth. These are all cool things to do. They can actually be highly beneficial. In using reiki, crystal healing, tarot readings and teaching metaphysical ways to others I have come to understand how there is a definite place for the healer in the world. I do choose to give a man just enough to fish to keep his belly happy whilst I teach him how to fish and perhaps practice a bit himself. By this I mean, I am honoured to be able to clear away negative blocks within your auric system causing material, health and financial manifestations you do not appreciate but I am also passionate about teaching you how to do it for yourself and for others. This is how we can save humanity from the collective negative manifestations of their own limiting habits and believes.

The greatest moment of my life was when I realised that in an ever-expanding universe I will never know everything. There will always be some more experience of life to embrace, a great new way of loving myself learned that I can share with others.

I used to have a life vision but I let that go. A vision, for me personally, is to easy to lose sight of so I went for a life mission instead: I am committed to living the best version of life I can possibly muster. I am committed to learning and practising new and improved way to better love myself. My vision is sharing this knowledge with as many ready people as possible.

Forever – Adrian – Namaste (fan of love)

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