Unlock Your Natural Blueprint Potential

Past Life Regression aka Regression Hypnosis is one of the most ancient forms of spiritual consultation with the broader part of yourself, aka the universe. All the wisest of civilisations practiced deep soul blueprint potential unlocking via focused relaxation. Sleep temples, dream temples or Egyptian dream temples are all good Google starting points if you are interested in the history of hypnosis that runs deeper than 4000 years.

People typically book a regression hypnosis session with me for one of the following reasons

  • They seek a deeper meaning in life
  • Want to discover, unlock, maintain and expand their natural potential
  • Financial struggles – what is the pattern blocking your abundance?
  • Romantic difficulties
  • Expanding their confidence
  • Overcoming phobias
  • They want to grow in their personal success
  • Wishing to expand spiritually
  • More about me and my regression hypnosis offer in this video…

Past life regression is just the tip of the iceberg. Come to me with a mind free of expectation and together we will take the journey into the Wonderland of your eternal incredible consciousness, together. Through the mystical portals of time and space we will travel together. Everyone’s experience is so beautifully unique. I wonder what wonders yours will reveal?

  • You may meet your soul guides, guardian angels or passed loved ones
  • Connect with the essence of Source of All itself, the creator, God
  • Possibly view your Akashic records
  • Gain understanding of your soul’s true purpose for choosing this lifetime
  • Unlock dormant success potential within your DNA
  • Attract the job, relationship and lifestyle your heart truly desires
  • And so much more… the possibilities are literally endless!

Regression hypnosis eases you into a state of deeply enjoyable relaxation. Your attention is gently guided inwards, perhaps with a simple sound or thought suggestions provided by the regression hypnosis practitioner, that you choose to follow. During this state of wonderful bodily rest and cellular level rejuvenation, it is completely natural to remain very much aware of your surroundings, yet you choose to not be distracted by the usual everyday things demanding your attention, often draining your energy.

You are provided with a 40 days post regression hypnosis mind unlocking program. It consists of easy to follow daily exercises that only take a few minutes. They are super easy and highly effective. These mind exercises support your newly laid positive mind patterns for your optimum benefit. They also enhance your natural psychic flow, which is just about being more connected to all of life. A great benefit of these exercises is that you become well-equipped at manifesting what you truly desire, using the universal laws (such as the law of attraction or cause and affect) to your ultimate successful benefit. Here are some tips to best prepare for your session

How many session do you need?

A common question is how many of these superb sessions you should have in order to begin benefiting from its many advantages. The answer is one. Several of my clients do return for followup sessions, but this is usually as a direct result of wonderful life growth following their initial session. Someone might book a first regression hypnosis session with me to overcome the hindrances to their desired growth, perhaps they just experienced a spiritual awakening. Six to eight months later they may schedule another session, but this time because they are now ready to take on new challenges, like starting their own business, going back to school or opening up to love again, for example. They are ready for beautiful new growth. This is the wonder of regression hypnosis sessions. It strongly activates your potential. Click here for client reviews.

Online or In-person session?

Prospective regression hypnosis clients often mistakenly believe that in-person regression hypnosis sessions are more powerful than online ones. This is simply not true. Many clients even find that having their regression hypnosis session in a space of distinct significance to them greatly enhances the experience on a personal level. Here are some pointers to ensure your online regression hypnosis session is as profoundly beautiful as possible. Click here

Still not sure whether regression hypnosis is the right choice for you? Have a look at this video for more information….

Very important: You need to be of sober mind and presence in order to have a successful regression hypnosis session. Being nervous is understandable and perfectly okay. Refrain from taking any calming medication, alcohol or other mood altering substances such as marijuana beforehand. Doing so will only lead to you not gaining optimally from our session together. If you have any existing medical conditions or is seeing a trained medical practitioner for existing medical or psychological conditions, you need to clear having a session with them, beforehand. I also teach self hypnosis for optimal growth expansion. By booking a regression hypnosis session you admit to having read all the information provided above, as well as those via the hyperlinked articles.

My regression hypnosis sessions are R1750 / $111USD per session. Sessions are provided online via Zoom, with a video copy of your session being sent to you afterwards. I only facilitate a few of these sessions per month (usually 2 or 3) depending on availability. Do email me beforehand to agree on a time and date, before going ahead and making payment. Some months my schedule does not allow for any sessions at all. I super look forward to helping you unlock your greatest life potential!!! Rates and availability provided here may be outdated. Always confirm updated rates here.

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