The Soul Plane

The soul’s experience directly after leaving the body

You are not a body with a soul. You are a soul with a body. A soul having the satisfying experience we call as human being. As you continue your journey, after completing the temporary contract of your human life, the process we refer to as passing on, the soul reverts to the soul plane from which it originated. A more common name for the soul plane is heaven, the afterlife or as we refer to it is regression hypnosis; life between lives. Most report the dying experience in pretty much the same way. I’ve heard it many times before, yet remains deeply almost every single time a hypnosis client explains it all. It is just so beautiful!

My spiritual regression hypnosis clients always perk up when reliving the experience of leaving the body. They often express sadness, even distress, for their loved ones staying behind, especially when they are overwhelmingly heartbroken, or the passing adds incredible strain to their lives. Be it as it may, without exception, the soul is always excited to return back home. The majority of the spiritual regression hypnosis clients that I’ve helped so far speak about the bright light above them. They talk about going home and floating up in, with, or through the light. They are always so excited as the come into contact with a loved one, angel or spirit guide who is there to assist with the transition process, back home, once more fully becoming one with the light.

In every spiritual regression hypnosis session that I have facilitated where the soul visited the soul plane, the story is more or less the same. Yet it never ceases to make my heart beat faster with a smile. Most usually speak about the beauty of the tunnel they travel through. Some speak about light energy communicating with them, whilst others report on how their own energy ignited after they went through the cleansing experience. The incredible love that they speak about envelops them, welcoming them home. They report that the love in the soul plane is unlike anything else they have ever experienced on Earth. It is truly is paradise.

After Death – The Healing Space

Clients often speak about the cleansing room/area/space. Some life contracts are highly taxing, e.g. when a soul contract involved the advancement of thousands, you often accepted the martyr role on planet Earth. Typically, the ones that assist humans in great advancement accepted a life contract that results in them being hated by many. Then there are times when the body had to endure draining illness or perhaps brutal treatment was invoked before the passing. In these cases, the soul is often in dire distress upon arriving home. Incredible relief is found from the accumulated pain in the cleansing room. The soul literally gets recharged to its authentic glory there. Some say how they began to radiate in rainbow hues as pure love beam from the very essence of their being.

What happens to the loved ones left behind on earth?

When clients speak about reuniting with their soul tribe, it often brings tears to my eyes. Witnessing the joy on their faces is priceless. We are part of a huge soul family who unconditionally love and accept us in ways the human dialect is incapable of expressing or fully grasping. When your loved ones return back home they are welcomed back with so much love and support. If you are missing a passed loved one, know that they are excitedly awaiting your return, ready to welcome you back home when the divine time arrives for to re-join them once more.

Our loved ones are always with us. Death is like a veil of mist between two worlds existing simultaneously. We are never actually separated. Our loved ones are in the soul plane whilst we are still experiencing the soul incarnated in human form. However, from the soul plane perspective of all truth, it is as clear as daylight that we are never truly apart. Separation is an illusion. We are all one body of light. You are a spark of light from the original flame incarnated in human form, much like a candle lit from another candle’s flame. Somehow your flame remains part of the original flame that originally ignited it.

The illusion of life and death

Death is an illusion, for life on Earth, beautiful divine experience that it is, remains an illusion nonetheless. Earth is a training ground, a testing tube, if you will. On Earth, we get to play out our dreams, experience our fantasies of conscious creation. Earth, in a way, is to the soul what Hogwarts is to Harry Potter: a school, a training field and in some ways, a play park. From the soul plane you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you can create anything. It is only in playing the game that this elation can be experienced though. Imagine walking around a theme park – from the outside you know that you can have so much fun, prospectively. In order to have that fun, you need to enter the park. Now you can ride the rollercoasters and embark in all the heart-racing fun. Earth is a school, and sometimes the most important lesson we need to learn is to just let up and have some fun. Don’t you agree?

Elated as souls always are to return home, I am yet to encounter a single soul that regrets their journey to Earth. Contrary to popular belief, the Earth journey is quite the hot deal. Seats are eternally limited, and the experience is definitely not for the faint at heart. It is only very advanced souls who have what it takes to endure the Earth experience. In universal layman’s terms, Earth is like the wild, wild west of days gone by. To be human, the soul needs to be kind of gangster at heart. Humans often mistake the Earth journey as flawed. The truth is, a soul really needs to have its ducks in a properly straightened row if they are to even be eligible for the Earth trip.

To everyone who reads this and may have lost a loved one, know that your loved one is safe. The universe is vast in ways I have been privileged to experience at times during meditation, channeling or serving as a regression hypnosis surrogate (being placed in a trance by another hypnosis practitioner and taking the journey on behalf of clients who have difficulty going into the hypnotic trance themselves). The soul plane is incredible in ways that really cannot be described in words.

In cases where a spiritual regression hypnosis client endured deep-seated childhood abuse or horrific trauma at some point in their life, they often opt to go immediately to the soul plane and particularly the place of healing from the very beginning of the session. Some get to see the intricate tapestry of Creation, whilst others clearly get to understand themselves to be the infinite possibility of Creation itself. Souls are always excited to fully merge their consciousness back into the greater being, for in truth, you did not go anywhere in the first place. We are one soul, experiencing ourselves as many. You are a fractal of light, a divine extension of Source of All, experiencing itself as separate. In truth, you are never separate from anything because you are and forever remain a perfect part of everything. You are universal possibility manifested in human form. You are the miracle taking the journey!

More on the after death experience in this video

Past life regression and inner child healing is gaining greater interest. More and more people are beginning to ask me about it. It has become commonplace for clients to have some questions about my work as a spiritual regression hypnosis practitioner after a personal Psychic Oracle Tarot Reading or NLP Life coaching session.

Some clients want to visit past lives, specifically. This is fine. Others have their mind set on inner child healing. This is good. What is ideal for optimal benefit from your spiritual regression hypnosis session is the willingness to have no expectations. When you can come to me with the willingness to see what Source of All (God) has to show you, you may be greatly and quite pleasantly surprised at the avenues your consciousness decides to visit. These may be a previous life, the soul plane, an earlier point in your current lifetime, a linear existence you are currently having on another planet, to your time as a foetus in your mother’s womb. How exciting is my life – indeed!

Apart from past life regression, inner child healing, trauma release, ancestral healing, karmic balancing, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, cord cutting, positive future life pacing and so much more, AHN Great Life spiritual regression hypnosis session also embrace Usui Reiki, Crystal healing, Angel healing, Sound healing and NLP Life coaching. Spiritual regression hypnosis sessions are equally effective when facilitated in-person or online, with most people preferring the comfort of their own surroundings via an online regression hypnosis session. Hypnosis is a 6000+ years practice. It is not sleep but rather profound relaxation that allows direct subconscious communication.

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