5 of the biggest misconceptions about hypnosis

5 of the biggest misconceptions about hypnosis.

Is hypnosis just a pie in the sky?

Hypnosis is my passion. I love regression hypnosis. The hypnosis sessions that I facilitate honours the ancient ways dating back as far as 1550 BC. As a holistic wellness practitioner who is also a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and NLP Life coach, I combine the ancient and modern ways together with one objective in mind – serving your personal success best! Spiritual regression hypnosis is regression hypnosis with a gentle, kind, loving fully supportive spiritual approach.

Despite the incredibly positive benefits of regression hypnosis, there are still some general misconceptions around this time-honoured practice. People are surprised when I tell them that you can get up during your session, go to the bathroom, wash your hands and ease right back into your deep level of trance. Even though you are profoundly relaxed during spiritual regression hypnosis, you are very far from asleep. More about this in misconception number 5 of this article. Let’s kick off with misconception number 1 regarding hypnosis.

Hypnosis Misconception Number 1

Hand-in-hand with the misconception that spiritual regression hypnosis is about surrendering full control to another person who can do with you as they please, is that which reasons that regression hypnosis is a service best reserved for the ladies. I have had great successes, conducting spiritual regression hypnosis session with both men and women. In fact, men often find it easier to open up to me because they are not concerned about appearing weak in-front of a women. I don’t judge either way and welcome both genders equally.

Regression hypnosis in itself is a simple concept. During the induction part of your session when the hypnosis facilitator gently guides you into a deep level of relaxation, you make the gentle transition past the gatekeeper that separates the full awareness of the subconscious from the conscious mind during our daily lives. All the answers and solutions you ever need are really right there, with you all the time in your own subconscious mind. Hypnosis is a highly effective way of gaining clarity on those answers, the personal solutions that suit you best.

Hypnosis Misconception Number 2

I will admit, initially, I was dead-set against the idea of facilitating spiritual regression hypnosis sessions online. As a person who loves people, I loved the personal experience a lot. When you conduct an in-person hypnosis session, you get to see the person entering certain levels of trance. To me, this is about as beautiful as watching the sun’s first morning rays appear across the horizon. Then Covid-19 arrived and I could no longer facilitate in-person spiritual regression hypnosis sessions.

Life, I believe, is one incredible development opportunity. Around two years before the global Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, I was strongly guided to study NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Thank goodness I listened! NLP helps one become a better listener and therefore also a far more effective communicator. My passion for NLP and helping others reach their greatest potential contributes greatly to the online spiritual regression hypnosis sessions I now love doing.

Hypnosis Misconception Number 3

You are surrendering to no one or nothing but yourself! This point follows on from misconception number 1; the fear of losing control. Some people would love to have a spiritual regression hypnosis session, but are highly concerned about revealing something embarrassing or incriminating. The truth is, you will not. Spiritual regression hypnosis sessions are recorded and because your subconscious mind is so super smart, it can leave a very clear message for you to grasp afterwards, without me being aware of it. Remember, hypnosis is you speaking to you, much like getting clear guidance from your truest higher council, and who understands you better than you?

You are always in control. Nobody can make you do anything that goes against your personal principles, morals, values and beliefs. Not even specially trained psychology personnel could break that eternally conscious human code that never takes a break. The simple truth is, whilst the hypnosis practitioner is giving the voice prompts, you are the one choosing to follow them. Did you know that if anything untoward took place during your hypnotic session that you will become fully conscious and present without anyone needing to guide you towards it?

Hypnosis Misconception Number 4

So, if you are surrendering nothing, how is it that some people have stories about becoming stuck in trance? What about the stage hypnotist who makes you dance around like a chicken or enjoy and onion as you perceive it to be an delicious apple? A spiritual regression hypnosis practitioner gently guides your mind into a trance, whereas the stage hypnotist deliberately overwhelms it. The conscious awareness suffers information overload, so it temporarily releases control to a trusted source.

  • You cannot get stuck in hypnosis
  • Hypnosis has nothing to do with sleep
  • If the hypnotist does get you to sleep and leaves you, you’ll wake up by yourself
  • It is rare to have amnesia after hypnosis

There are those times when people reported becoming stuck in trance. As safe as hypnosis is, I always advise you to make sure that the person conducting your session is well-equipped in their skill. Ask questions and do not stop until you are fully satisfied with the answers you receive. Certain subconscious beliefs can create the experience of being a victim of an incompetent hypnosis practitioner. A thorough pre-consultation (as I do for all my clients) will clear that fog right up.

Hypnosis Misconception Number 5

We already covered this topic. However, since it is such an area of concern, I wanted to clarify it for you – hypnosis and sleep are two very different things, altogether! Sleep puts you to full rest. During sleep, some of your conscious awareness shuts off. In the hypnotic state, you enter a state of profound relaxation yet where your conscious awareness of everything heightens increasingly. For example, if you suddenly smell gas from a gas leak somewhere closeby during your hypnosis therapy, you will be fully aware of that leak, even though you are in trance. Your conscious mind will register imminent danger immediately without the hypnotherapist having to alert you of potential danger.

Hypnosis is not sleep. In a hypnosis session, you are totally conscious and pretty much aware of everything happening around you. If you didn’t feel like you were hypnotized before, it may be because you had expectations of what hypnosis feels like (sleep) or the hypnotist did not explain what hypnosis does and doesn’t feel like.  I do some exercises with my clients before their sessions to remind them of what a trance feels like so that they can drop their expectations and go with the flow of their session.

In conclusion, during hypnosis, we consciously access your vast subconscious mind with the clear intention of releasing outdated, non-positive serving patterns, embracing better serving pathways. The clear intention is to incorporate better serving life patterns for you. The conscious mind contains all of the thoughts, memories, feelings, and wishes that we are aware at any given moment, whereas the unconscious mind is a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that are outside of our conscious awareness.

Spiritual regression hypnosis session has the potential to change your life positively. Will there still be work to be done afterwards…? Absolutely, but you will reap the benefits of having subconsciously accepted personal beliefs that serve you positively, instead of childhood, karmic, traumatic and past lives patterning boomeranging your best efforts to succeed in the game of life prior to your hypnosis session. For more information on spiritual regression hypnosis, visit my profile or email ahngreatlife@gmail.com

Forever love

Adrian H. Nelson

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