Tarot or Oracle, which is best? The age-old question of divination.

Divination tools such as Tarot and Oracle cards help us in receiving clear communication from the universe. Unless you prefer an actual angel or other divine deity to appear and speak directly to you, these are valuable tools for receiving universal guidance.

You may choose to use Tarot only, Oracle cards only or combine the two as I do. You may even venture into throwing reading the coffee or tea leaves, a crystal ball, the bones as the African Sangoma does, or reading the Medieval Runes as the Futhark did. As long as you come from positive intentions, serving the greatest good of all, I know you will find the perfect path for you. Tarot and Oracle cards combined, in my opinion, is embracing the best of both world. It honours the traditional and welcomes in the ever-expanding universe. I welcome your viewpoint in the comments.

Some argue that Tarot is best, whilst others are steadfast in their belief that Tarot is too rigid and dated. I mean, tarot does have a few thousand years of reputation and history in the bag. Does that mean that oracle is better….? Let’s explore this age-old question of divination itself. Tarot and I have walked a longer path. They were first introduced to me in 2001. I started by reading the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot deck. Through the years, the beauty of Oracle cards winked me closer.

Tarot was founded in 15th Century Europe. The imagery was designed to reflect important aspects of the real world at the time. Whereas Oracle cards are more fluid, focusing on a considerably wider spectrum of themes. Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand (1772 – 1843) who greatly influenced the creation of Oracle, was a French fortune-teller of considerable fame, during the Napoleonic era. Some of her work included her 1854 cards. Image example below.

The world’s most famous Tarot deck, the Rider-Waite Tarot, has been the international benchmark since it’s initial release in 1909. Pamela Colman Smith illustrated the deck from the instructions of academic mystic A.E. (Arthur Edward) Waite. Originally printed in Britain, you can now purchase yourself a deck from multiple suppliers across the world, including but by no means limited to Goodreads, Amazon, plus South African options; Takealot and Loot.

Tarot is a divination tool. Oracle cards are divination tool. Think of divination tools as clear answers to your affirmations or prayers. Another age-old practice I am highly passionate about is spiritual regression hypnosis. Whether in-person or online with a client on the other side of the world, I get to bring together my passions as an NLP Life coach, Reiki Master and Crystal Healer through Spiritual Regression Hypnosis personal energy balancing sessions.

Tarot and Oracle Readings combined highlight areas of your personal life that will benefit from a touch of TLC, to others that require outright serious logic application. The future is not set. Our current energy patterns shape the future. Tarot especially is excellent at pinpointing where your energy got stuck. Oracle cards can be used as a standalone divination tool for readings or wonderfully add to tarot readings. Several decks are also fantastic when it comes to motivational support for daily living.

Tarot card – facts and characteristics

Tarot decks are set. Tarot decks always have 78 cards, unless it is a spinoff, like the OSHO Zen Tarot deck, which is not quite Rider-Waite Tarot, but there are many close similarities. Check the OSHO cards out here. Did you know that Ebury Publishers, the original publishing house of Rider-Waite Tarot is a division of Penguin Random House? Ebury Publishers also first published Bram Stoker’ Drucula.

Tarot is divided into 2 parts. 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Some people believe that the 56 Bicycle Cards and the 56 Rider-Waite Tarot Minor Arcana cards are related. But in fact, they are not. Major Arcana cards tell the big story, the overall events. Minor Arcana fills in the lesser, yet equally important in-between details. Together, the entire tarot deck forms a story, which in turn tells your life story.

Oracle cards – facts and characteristics

Oracle cards are different from tarot, mainly in the sense that they are more fluid. Oracle deck differ from the other. Every oracle card deck typically focuses on a particular theme, such as twin flame love, spiritual development, growing a closer angelic connection, etc. It’s up to the deck creator to determine the vocabulary of their deck. It’s called a Lexicon. I generally use either Tarot or Oracle cards for my Facebook Live sessions and combine these in weekly YouTube zodiac readings.

The way Oracle card decks are created and for what purpose varies:

  • Some oracles are meant to be pulled/drawn as one daily card, these are usually more motivational in nature
  • Others are true divination systems with which you can do full readings for yourself and others
  • Some are reflective cards for emotional and spiritual wisdom or growth
  • Others are affirmations and law of attraction focused
  • The options are literally endless when it comes to oracle card lexicons

In my personal experience, much as I love working with Oracle cards, I only use them to compliment my Tarot readings. Oracle cards, in my view, often softens the information too much. Tarot gives you a very clear indication as to what the energy patterns are that are withholding your heart’s desires from manifesting, when you got stuck and how to get out of that rut. Tarot is simply more factual. Also, in the interest of collective energy, that of Tarot cards is stronger than Oracle cards because it’s an energy that has been focused on, and thereby fed, through thousands of years. In my personal opinion, oracle messages do sometimes tend to soften that which is best said honestly, outright.

Benefits of Tarot and Oracle Readings

  • Gaining life clarity
  • Identifying areas in need of self-improvement
  • Finding and maintaining inner peace
  • Making a difficult decision
  • Nurturing your relationships
  • Understanding where energetic healing is required
  • And literally so much more….

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Forever love

Adrian Nelson

Conscious living practitioner

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