Life has changed so quickly over a short period of time. It is incredible for me to witness how truly adaptable human beings are. In 2019, who could have imagined the world being within the transformation period it currently is? Just imagine how different things may five years from now, as a direct result of COVID-19. Clearly, the world and human beings have the capacity to change drastically in a short period of time.

When it comes to change, we as human beings, tend to rebel against it. I would like to encourage you to open your mind to the idea that things may unfold in positive ways we may not even dare to or be capable of imagining at this present point. Looking back on history, humans have repeatedly proven how brightly they are capable of shining after facing seemingly impossible challenges. Remember, we are in the constant flow of evolution, which typically goes along with revolution in one form or the other.

I am not in denial about the current situation of the world. It is tough and yet here we are, still finding a way to make things work. Whoever though we had that in us, hey? Absolutely amazing we are! I always say human beings are like gangsters. We sometimes feel at the mercy of so much, but the truth is that we have inherent survival instincts and when the time comes to do so, we embrace it, wholly.

I firmly believe that everything comes from love. Therefore, everything has the very real potential to unfold positively. Think about it; wars, fighting for this right and that right, the motivation behind it is always love. We often refer to this as freedom. Someone experiences the desire in their soul for things to be a different way, what they perceive to be a better way, and they manage to evoke the desire within others too, fighting the good fight hand in hand.

For many years of my life, I chased happiness. I chased love. I chased that sense of belonging we all long for so deeply, the human need to feel like I am good enough. I lived in many places, had many jobs and experienced the divine blessing of having my life touched in blessed ways by many wonderful people. I had wonderful times, yet in the core of my being I was ultimately miserable. Everything changed when I realised that all along I was the key to all I desired.

One can argue that it is easy for me to simply put a few pretty words across to you. Let me assure you that, same as everyone else, I am not without my personal struggles. During the first three weeks of our national South African hard lock down, I really struggled to cope. Past challenges I was confident that I dealt with resurfaced, and with a vengeance. Some inner blockages I was never even aware of having also came up with a bang. It was really, really hard. Accompanying painful anxiety stomach cramps and unwelcome occasional vomiting put a nail in this coffin for me.

Life is an ongoing, ever-unfolding journey of discovery. I believe, facing challenges form part of the divine privilege of a soul having the human being experience, here on planet Earth. In my experience, it is facing our challenges head on, but still with love, compassion and kindness to ourselves which enables us to heal. As an added bonus, deep healing is always followed by profound blessings unfolding, that I promise you!

I love seeing humans win. Daily, the honourable role I get to play in assisting others makes my heart smile. As we heal our limited patterning and belief systems, we heal generational pain, which clears negative karma, releases us from the bonds of ancestral negative ties, balancing our cosmic wheel. Also, we help shape the world and future in positive ways. There is no such a thing as an isolated event. Every act of kindness, especially to yourself, makes this world a far better place, now and for future generations still to come.

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