Crystal Reiki – Horoscope Reading for all Zodiac Signs (Collective Groups) Scorpion New Moon

Crystal Reiki – Horoscope Reading for all Zodiac Signs (Collective Groups) Scorpion New Moon

New moons are wonderful astrological occurrences that most people don’t really pay much attention to. It’s that time when the moon and the sun conjunct each other and the moon is totally black so there is no visible moon. Moon phases are cycles. It’s that time when the moon draws on energy to go through its phases of a cycle. So just like the moon or astrological occurrence of the cycle, it’s the perfect time to reflect, recharge, turn inward and plant seeds of intention for what you want to do and achieve in the next cycle of your life. It’s that time to forget about everything that has passed and focus on the next phase of your life. To set goals by mapping intentions.

This cycle of the moon is in Scorpio and so it’s good to bare Scorpio traits in mind during this time. Scorpions are like emotional inspectors. They usually know what makes people tick or motivates them and are generally emotionally intelligent. So, because they know what makes you tick; they can often influence your behavior by various methods.

Scorpio is usually about death and rebirth! The phoenix from the ashes! So, this energy is digging deep within to heal and face all those emotional truths and how to resolve them. It’s about turning dark into light and evolving, transforming from a cocoon into a beautiful butterfly.

That is what this moon is about. It’s a time to transform your practical circumstances. A time to decide and plant intentions that will transform your future.

Now that we know a little more about that, let’s take a look at horoscope reading for the collective energy at this time.

Earth Signs – Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo

Image by ejaugsburg from Pixabay

Be mindful to let past hurts go during this Scorpio new moon energy. Work on forgiving the people who have hurt you. Try to avoid the ‘hero complex’ e.g. “I’m a strong person”, “I’m a strong woman”, “I’m a powerful woman”, “I’m a victorious woman”, “I’m fine on my own”, “I’m independent” etc. These personal affirmations are excellent and work perfectly for personal growth, but if you take a look at extremely powerful woman or people in general e.g. the Obama’s, Oprah’s or Richard Branson’s of the world, they know that they are strong, powerful, victorious and successful so seldom mention that in their conversations, or on social media or in speeches and public statements. Instead, they empower others by teaching them how to tap into their own power and unlimited potential.

The truth is that they are focused on themselves, their goals and dreams etc. so they don’t care whether you think they are powerful or not – they just get on with it irrespective of your personal views or thoughts.

Therefore, try to be mindful of going into the hero complex or of keeping yourself in bondage. Be careful of the “Look at me”, “Look at how I am growing”, “Look at how I am shining” need for recognition because it could get you into pattern of looking towards other people for recognition when in fact the only recognition you need is from yourself, for yourself. You are your power! You do not need validation from anyone else but yourself.

Be careful and aware of emotions that are keeping you trapped. Work on forgiving yourself and others for past mistakes and hurts etc.

Also, be cautious of falling into the ‘blame game’ trapIt is not anyone else’s fault that are not doing well, feeling unwell or unhappy. Circumstances can be dreadful, and they can cause pain and hurt so we can easily fall into the trap of blaming others. Part of the human experience is the choices we make and being responsible for those choices. It’s how we learn, grow and develop.

Accept yourself! Learn how to forgive! Let go! Practice loving yourself and you will find balance and alignment. Remember, stars need the dark to shine.

As you get out of that rocky space, you will find that your heart will start to open, and you will find peace. Manifestations will begin to flow.

There are beautiful things that await! Abundance and so much more! Resources will arrive from places you never expected. Things will happen or come to you in ways that you never thought they would.

If you can open your heart. Everything will just flow!

Fire Signs – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Image by klimkin from Pixabay

There are a lot of wonderful things that may be coming your way fire signs. However, take heed to remember that you don’t always have to choose everything that comes your way, i.e. you don’t have to take every boat that you come across. Be cautious because all that glitters isn’t always gold.

Fire signs have that hospitable, welcoming energy that can easily draw others in. That type of energy that makes people want to include you in their ventures, their stories, their dramas etc. It is therefore advisable to mindfully discern which opportunities and venture you choose because not everyone necessarily has your best interests at heart. Ask yourself clearly, “what is going to positively serve my best interests, or not?” Be very clear about that!

Don’t just hop on trains! Ask yourself, “Where am I now?”, “Which train station is this and where are the trains going to?”! “Is this an express train?” i.e. there are no stops along the way or “Does it stop at certain stops along the way?” “Do I need to change trains anywhere along the way?”, “Can I change my mind and hop off along the way?” etc. In other words, “If what seems fun and wonderful right now turns out to not be that way, will I get the opportunity to change my mind?”. Very important questions, especially at this time of year with this whole new moon in Scorpio. It is a lot about discernment. Going towards Christmas and New Year season, there are many things that could pop up, but you want to ask yourself, “Is this the best pop for me?”.

This will help you to maintain the beautiful journey of life, positively because it is always about maintaining balance. Therefore, in order to live your best expression on life, make sure that the people you think are on your side, are actually on your side. Make sure that in order to maintain the control that you may need, that your decisions make sense logically as well as emotionally. Try to not just go crazy, i.e. try not to pop into thoughts and decisions that turn your world upside down. Be careful of that. Know your strengths. Use discernment!

Go into your dark side if necessary and ask again, “Is this a situation that can serve me positively?” Look beyond the surface – don’t be paranoid, be logical. Ask yourself, “Does this seem like the decision that will serve me best?” “Are they really on my side?”. Sometimes people can come up with a suggestion and it doesn’t mean that they are trying to take advantage of you or that they are trying to use you – it may just be that they are coming from a screwed up point of view or that they are not really seeing everything as clearly as you may see it.

If you can make decisions from the light and the dark side of you, meaning, consider all angles using discernment i.e. does is make sense to you logically as well as emotionally? Does it keep you in balance? Does it honor your journey as a soul having a human experience? If it honors your journey and ticks those yes boxes, then it will flow. However, please do be mindful.

Water Signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Keep those emotions in check! Remember that you do not have to react to everything! You don’t have to react to everyone’s dramas etc. Ask yourself, “What is the bigger message of peace?”, “What is the bigger message of flow?”.

Water signs can be very emotional beings and being emotional is perfectly fine, however, sometimes you may have a tendency to become overly emotional., For example I’m a Cancerian so I know that sometimes, everything can become a drama e.g. you send someone a text message and they don’t reply within 20 seconds, boom – I’m done with you! I am done with life with nothing left to live for etc.

Pisces, you are similar – something happens today and you’re shouting about it 3 months down the line. 5 years down the line you may have an argument that is completely unrelated to the topic, “Remember what you did that day?” – Cancerians also tend to do this.

Therefore, BE MINDFUL of the emotions that you buy into. Think of you heart as the gatekeeper and ask yourself if harbouring that emotion makes sense. Think of your heart as the field for emotions, and think of the emotions as seeds then choose the seeds that you want to water in the field e.g. does it make sense to water the seed of someone who upset you 5 months ago? Perhaps it was not even that person to begin with. Who knows?

This of course does not mean that you should play down or suppress your emotions, however, in order to maintain your happiness, try to be mindful to not get more into things than you essentially need to get into them. You’re allowed to be happy, upset, irritated and mad because you have every right in the world to be so, but, remind yourself that it is most likely that many of those emotions that you are holding onto are not realistically justified e.g. is it really justifiable to start up rally and rile up the whole town because the bus was 2 minutes late?

When you get your emotions into control you will find that balance where things will flow for you. So, maintaining the balance and asking yourself which emotions serve you positively, will allow you to get into the flow and that is how things will start to work out beautifully for you!

Stop being trippy! It doesn’t serve you! Don’t fight battles that you don’t need to fight and be cautious of being spiteful or revengeful. Be wary of activating your dark mode switch because it is not easy to come back from that dark mode once you’re there. You will often do things and say things that you will regret because you will be thinking from an emotional place and not a logical or conscious place by simple lack of observation. By wanting to protect yourself, you can often hurt others, so be careful of that. Be wary of making life difficult for yourself because there is so much more that you can experience in life if you can get yourself out of that space where you don’t worry so much.

Furthermore, don’t be impatient with yourself because it won’t serve you well. Be patient. Love yourself!

Air signs – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

Beautiful, wonderful and amazing things are possible when you just go with the flow!

Air signs are usually open to the flow because they usually think about things in-depth before doing something but when they do it, they do it with a complete sense of verve. So, air signs, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, you are really in the flow of things at this moment in time, collectively.

However, with being in the flow, a strong reminder – yes your flow is fantastic and incredible because you consider all angles but even though you do this and do a lot of research, sometimes a bit more than is necessary, and you are strongly considerate of everyone feelings and emotions etc. which is thoroughly commendable, remember to be respectful and conscious of other people’s ideas.

Even though you may have considered what you believe to be all angles, does not mean that there are no other points to be considered. That does not mean that you need to stagnate and doubt yourself, it just means that there may be some things that you have not considered yet. So, don’t be closed off to alternative ideas. Don’t let that devil creep in because, if you do, you could be missing out on opportunities.

There are incredible things available for you!

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you know all of them. It is advisable to be open to other people’s ideas and emotions. Be wary of being self-sacrificial. When you consider all possibilities and everyone else, always remember to also keep yourself number 1! Especially Gemini’s! There seems to be a misconception that Gemini’s are just trippy, selfish, flaky people who don’t consider anyone but themselves etc. but in fact Gemini’s can be very sensitive. E.g. the same way that water signs can appear to be moody, what many don’t seem to realize is that water signs don’t like to be moody or emotional. It’s the same with Gemini’s – so, be mindful of your own emotions. Try not to provide people with an idea that you cannot live up to. Put yourself first Geminis! When you put yourself first you will come into your beauty and shine. Things will happen automatically for you!

You are wonderful beings water signs! You don’t need to try to be anything other than what and who you are!

I hope that this horoscope reading provided you some valuable guidance but please remember that this was for the general collective so may not resonate specifically with you. That is why I offer one-to-one personal Crystal Reiki readings or tarot/oracle card readings that offer detailed guidance specifically for you. Please visit my website to see which services may be beneficial to your personal development or email

Many thanks to AC Digital Marketing Solutions for this guest blog transcription.

*** Please not that I am not a licensed physician. Anything expressed in this blog is my personal opinion and should be viewed as entertainment purposes only.

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