Air Signs #Libra #Aquarius #Gemini Twin flame Horoscope Guidance – The Other Person

Air Signs #Libra #Aquarius #Gemini Twin flame Horoscope Guidance – The Other Person


Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

The other person wants balance. They want stability and a home life with you. They want to start a flow with you so that they can actually expand with you.

They’re not really looking for a mere flash in the pan which is quite fast. They want something more stable with you going forward, where you both contribute equally to the situation.

Your person is not looking to take care of you, and they are not looking for you to take care of them. Instead, they want to build together and work together to try and get past the obstacles that are perhaps holding you both back. They want to build a long, stable life with you. They’re in it for the long-term.

Therefore, if you do have your eye on someone or perhaps someone has their eye on you, you never know – that person who is coming in for you is really looking for a stable life together.

What do you need to do in your life to attract that other person?

Remember that when you change, everything else changes, so now that we know what the other person wants, let’s focus on what you need to do or change in your life to get the other person.

Grounding! You want to try and get yourself into balance. Try to get your priorities straight. Try to have that real clarity about:

  • What is it that I want in my life?
  • What is it that I need to let go of in my life?
  • What do I need to let heal in my life?
  • What message is my heart giving out?

It’s all fine and well to look at the other person and to look at what that person wants or what they are looking towards but you want to also get yourself ready for this union that is coming because even if this person comes into your experience of life, if you are not ready for this relationship or partnership, it might be one of the worst things that could happen to you. Therefore, you want to be sure that you are balanced. Remember that what you give out is actually what you want to attract back to yourself.

Therefore, you want to really look at yourself Libra and ask yourself, when this person really does come around, I want to be ready! So, the advice is to focus on getting that balance ready in your own life. Work on the things you need to work on. Do the forgiving and the letting go, so that when they come along, there’s no longer any issues and a beautiful flow can take place.

Guidance for you to get together

Don’t have expectations. Don’t judge what is happening now by what happened in the past. Maybe it worked out in the past, maybe it didn’t and you were disappointed, or not, but don’t try to judge whoever comes into your experience now based on the way things turned out before or by the way you may have liked things to turn out before. Whatever might have happened in your childhood, all those traumas etc. – it’s time to let them go! Find your balance because your person is ready and waiting.

When you decide to step forward you want it to make sense both in your heart and mind, i.e. both in the emotions and the logic.

How is the other person coming in or looking at you at the moment?

Your person may be a little concerned, expecting that it may not work out. They’re looking at you and deciding if they should take a chance or not. Probably losing sleep whilst worrying – do I do this or not! They’re quite logical and want something stable because they are afraid of being hurt. So, the more that you are in the balance and flow, the better your opportunity with your person will be.


Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

This looks good Aquarius! Partners looking for balance.

Your person is looking for emotional balance. Not necessarily a home-based balance but that overall balance that makes your heart smile. That balance that keeps your heart happy. That balance that make you wake up with a smile on your face because you know that you are with someone who is fulfilling you on an emotional level as well as an intellectual level. So, it’s kind of ticking all the boxes.

Wow, it actually comes with money! So that’s quite nice. The partner that you have coming in or person that you have coming in, comes with money or resources and stability where you can expand on what you already have. Stability of flow where you’re able to build faster because this person is coming in with the resources for you.

What do you need to do in your life to attract that other person?

Spirit quartz, music, getting in the flow, hooking up with the fairy realm – with fairy energy and Gaia, the earth energy. You want to get into that flow to attract the other person so the more you are literally just you, the more your light shines and the brighter your light shines the more the perfect person for you will be attracted to you, because you’ll be like a light that shines out on the universe.

It might be quite easy for you to attract your perfect partner. All you need is to get into that flow of joy and let go of all the self-blame and little bits of self-hatred, or whatever there might be and you can just have that flow which you can get through music e.g. dancing, dancing in the moonlight or dancing in your lounge or wherever – just dancing! Listen to your favorite music and let it flow so that you can get into that space of joy. Express your joy because when you are joyful, your heart simply attracts.

Guidance for you to get together

Be mindful not to make judgments based on the way things were before. Don’t make judgments on what didn’t work out in the past or who disappointed you. Let it go! Focus on how you can move forward so that you can have the prosperity that awaits. Allow that light to shine in!

Remember, when you have that music flow? It’s that music that can take you out of the memories from the past. The music will open you to the flow. So, when you’re open to the flow and the joy, then your other person can come easily into your life. You won’t have to try that hard.

How is the other person coming in or looking at you at the moment?

Your person wants the same thing that you do – a beautiful family life! Just trust! Perhaps, they are dealing with a personal crisis so still need to deal with some stuff on their side. It is not always you. They still have some stuff to deal with because they want to be ready for you and it might seem like they’re stagnating, but it’s because they want to be ready for you. They don’t want to bring their baggage into the relationship.


Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

Your other person is looking for someone who is strong.

Strong of heart, strong of mind, strong of soul with strong stability. So, Gemini if you’re perhaps looking, and I don’t really like to use this term, but perhaps it may be that you’re being a little flaky about what you want.

This person is looking for someone who is self-sufficient, especially in their emotions. Knowing what they want in life. Not necessarily knowing how to get it, but having a clear idea about what they want in life e.g.

  • Do you want a home life?
  • Do you want a travelling life?

What kind of life do you want, because this person would like to get a clear idea of what they are letting themselves in for before they open themselves up to you. They could perhaps be a more Virgo type of energy; perhaps a water sign or maybe an earth sign. This is a person who has a softer flow, who is perhaps a bit more emotional. Not the kind of person that you would generally go for. So, they might be a little bit nervous or put off by your strength. They’re not sure if they can deal

with this, so you want to show them that you can still be yourself – a beautiful shining person, but at the core and foundation, you can offer stability.

They’re looking at you in judgement so they’re looking at you and saying, “Do I take the risk, or don’t I take the risk”. They may have the emotions and may be thinking a lot deeper about something that you may not be thinking about. They may be someone who has been hurt in the past so they’re quite cautious about coming out and saying, “I want you”. They’re not just going to come out and say it because they might have been hurt before.

What do you need to do in your life to attract that other person?

Clarity! You want to become clear about what it is that you want. Don’t think about rights and wrongs – think about it clearly, not only how you want the other person to be, e.g.

  • What do you want from a relationship?
  • What do you want your experience to be?
  • How do you want your experience with the other person to be?
  • How do you want your relationship with the other person to be?
  • How would you like your life to be?

Play make believe. You are very good at that. When you do that, it resets everything for you to new beginnings. Don’t worry about getting it wrong. Dream big! Remember, this is your life we’re talking about. Your relationship that we’re talking about and that is serious business.

Guidance for you to get together

Thinking that you don’t know what to do! Feeling overwhelmed, saying “I don’t know if it is even going to work out for me”. Of course, it can! Love is available for everyone!

Just be mindful not to focus too much on material things. Be mindful not to focus too much on perhaps not being good enough, or, I don’t have enough. Your other person is not looking for those things. Your person is looking for someone who has clarity on what they want because remember, we said that we’re looking at your person being on the more sensitive side, perhaps a water sign or air sign. Maybe a Taurus or even a Scorpio. Your person is less inclined to jump into a situation. They will first hold off to see how things are going before jumping on board.

How is the other person coming in or looking at you at the moment?

They may be ready to do something slightly more exciting, so they still want to be a nice calm person but they’re also ready for some excitement in their lives; some adventure. They want to move on and do something more exciting. So, they still want the balance that makes them feel comfortable, but they also want to expand their wings and who better to expand with than with you!

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