What does an Animal Reiki Practitioner do?

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Animal Reiki for your most loyal friends

Here’s the ideal opportunity for you to make pets’ hearts smile. Did you know that dogs are the only living beings who love their human friends more than they love themselves? Pets add so much love and joy to our everyday lives. Why not do something extra special for them? Animal Reiki derives from traditional Usui Reiki, founded by Dr Mikao Usui. Reiki is an ancient Japanese-found form of energy balancing that greatly benefits and enhances mind, body and spirit connection and flow.

Few people realize that their domestic animals may be under a huge amount of stress. Your cat may be confined to an apartment a few stories up or your doggie may only have a rather restricted enclosed space in which to manoeuvre. By no means does this make you a bad pet-guardian, because love can never be wrong. It simply means that in his or her innate nature, your animal was born to roam free and mingle with similar species. Not being able to do so might cause them great stress and anxiety.

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What scene is more serene that a fish tank? Think large aquarium with sea mammals on a family outing and the sense of bliss is even more profound. But, not necessarily for those beings. I’m not rooting for the release of all animals in captivity. Goodness knows, I personally love keeping a tank of gold fish. What I am saying is, our pets add so much love and light to our lives, it is only fair to reward them with loving gifts in grateful return.

Reiki has wonderful benefits for human beings, like deep calming relaxation, improved mental stability, better sleep, better bodily and mental health, a beautiful sense of peace and so much more. It does exactly the same for our animal friends. Imagine this; whenever you feel the need to get out a bit, you are mostly able to simply do so. Pets often don’t have the same option available to them. We walk them when we can and feel like it, they hardly get to mingle with their own kind or make their own life choices. Placing yourself in their shoes, how would that feel?

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Cats are some of the most gentle, loving creatures on this planet. They can be obnoxious in a way that melts your heart and display strong attitudes and personal wills. It is the dream of every cat to be out in the wild though, climbing trees and terrorizing mice. Their precious little hearts may be longing to chase birds and catch lizards which they will come lay at your feet, half dead, as a gift of appreciation and love for all that you do for them.

There is no judgement on my end. I too had little choice before but to keep my loving animals in confined spaces before, for their own good really. Pet shops have wonderful accessories for home bound animals and naturally, your pet wants to be with you too. Sometimes, pets just act up because they are feeling constricted and this may be stressful for them. Animal Reiki helps here in a priceless ways!

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A loving heart can sometimes lead to dire choices. Take the analogy of the bird in a cage and the house cat. The cat is shunned upon for acting on its inbred nature, which in hunting the bird. And whilst you as a person know that the bird in its cage is safe from the dripping saliva of the cat, the bird does not know that? Can you truly imagine the terror of the bird, locked in its cage, unable to flee from danger, as the cat is literally sharpening its fangs to rip it apart, day in and day out?

I am by no means saying that humans are wrong in the story either. At some point my family and I adopted an adorable yellow cockatiel who needed a loving home. Yes, we already had our adventurous soul, renegade spirited cat, Peanuts, but the bird needed a home. That bird took no nonsense though and despite the fact that our dogs feared Peanuts completely, that bird balanced the scales of respect for that cat by making it known that there was a new pet on the block. Animal Reiki in that setup would have eased tension for our dogs, the cockatiel and dear feisty old Peanuts – that’s my point.

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Horses, gentle kindred souls that they are, absolutely love receiving Animal Reiki treatments. Animals in general, and horses especially, have the natural ability to absorb human beings’ negative energy and provide them with loving energy, like trees do for oxygen. It is only fair that we do something to help ease the animal’s stress levels in return. Cats, dogs, birds, bunnies, fish especially as water easily absorbs energy, farm animals and wild animals, all greatly benefit from Animal Reiki sessions.

Same as traditional Usui Reiki sessions for humans, Animal Reiki sessions can be performed in the presence of the animal or across a distance, one on one or in groups. Crystal Reiki is especially effective in Distance Animal Reiki Sessions. Unless you are a fully capable crystal healer, I do not suggest you introduce crystals in too close a proximity of your loving pets. Crystal healing is a wonderful, ancient modality but your pets may find some strong crystal energies highly uncomfortable, even unbearable.

Watch this video on Animal Reiki

Palliative care is another honored part to Animal Reiki. Same as human loved ones, your loving pet may be hesitant to pass out of concern for what will happen to you after their passing. Yes, animals are highly intuitive beings and they deeply care for their human friends. Cats, for example, belief that they are actually taking care of you, instead of the other way around. This often explains their feisty behavior towards you.

Animal Reiki practitioners meet with pets in a mental way, often making them understand that it is safe for them to let go, as their human carers will be alright after their passing. Once an animal understands that their loved ones, meaning you, will be okay after their passing, they often leave their bodies in a more peaceful, less resistant manner and less painful manner. What a wonderful way of paying final respects for all the love the animal granted to you!

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So, from where my passion for Animal Reiki? Well, I once had a husky named Mike who saved my soul in every sense of the word. Currently, my best friend and I are being ruled by a ginger cat named Leo that was simply abandoned by his previous owners. Leo displayed clear signs of anxiety. Even leaving home for less than an hour would make him go insane, clearly thinking we may not return. I really wanted to help him. I have been practicing Reiki since 2013 and is an Usui, Karuna Ki and Crystal Reiki Master and Teacher, but I had the strong urge to focus on Animal Reiki specifically.

Rescued animals, particularly those from abusive pasts, typically carry a lot of emotional pain and crippling fear within them. Whilst cats for example act all regal as if they actually own their owners, they are fully aware of the fact that they are dependent on you for their survival, safety and comfort. I belief it to be every bit fair and proper to apologize sincerely to your pet if you did them wrong. I’m not suggesting spoiling them, as this only creates more problems between human and pet. Researching how to best care for your particular breed of pet is a wise idea that will benefit both animal and human being. This could also solve the acting out scenario when guests come over.

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Animal Reiki often aids in strengthening the bond between pet and pet carer. I don’t belief that we own our animals. We are simply blessed with the privilege of providing love and care for another fellow living being, a co-guest on our host planet, Earth. Our animal friends often pick up on our negative energy patterns or they have little to no choice but to witness our stress, anger and fear. Therefore, it is usually to the greatest advantage of both pet and pet carer to both receive reiki sessions.

Whereas, a lot of human beings prefer to experience of visiting me in my holistic wellness practice for a reiki session. Your animal friends usually prefer that the practitioner travel to their location, as many animals find travelling and unfamiliar locations stressful. If an in-person visit to you and your animal’s place of accommodation is not preferable, then you be open to distance reiki, an option that has delivered amazing results for thousands and thousands of animals before.

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In closing, one of the greatest benefits of Animal Reiki, is helping build close and lasting bonds between animal and human. It is not unlikely for couples to have a dog for 2 years plus, and the animal forming a central part of their lives, is in their wedding and framed in pictures all over the house. Along comes a baby and suddenly the exhausted parents have little to no time for the dog. A pet that was once loved and adored is now shouted at for being a “bad dog.”

A dog’s worst fear is that it’s owner will die or leave it behind, especially if your pet comes from a neglected background. What we may label jealousy, may be pure terror on the animal’s part. Now, by no means do I suggest just trusting your beloved mutt with your precious new child, as dogs especially can tend to be jealous of possessive of their human friends. What I do suggest is that you do what you can do include your pet in the process of expanding your family and if you experiences challenges with this, then animal reiki can really come in surprisingly helpful.

Treat your pet with the loving gift of Animal Reiki

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