Metaphysical & NLP Life Coaching

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Metaphysical & NLP Life Coaching

We all need some life guidance at some point. Don’t we? 

Metaphysical and NLP-based Life Coaching is an excellent to achieve fast, beneficial and lasting results in your life. I mean, who has time for multiple drawn-out sessions?

Metaphysical and NLP Life Coaching works best on a basis where a program is formulated to enhance your experience of life. With this being said, the idea is that it works fast and effectively. Like most changes in life, there may be challenges ahead, but these are always worth the effort, as the end-result completely changes your experience of life for the better.

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Hypnosis, especially Ericksonion Hypnosis, is often used along with NLP. Ericksonion Hypnosis, based on the incredible work of “the father of hypnosis”, Erick Milton, incorporates many highly beneficial techniques. In fact, NLP can be an excellent steppingstone towards a holistic soul hypnosis session for those who may be nervous about actual hypnotic induction right away. It strongly leans towards a hypnotic technique called Conversational Hypnosis.

Conversational hypnosis is exactly what its name suggests, a way of using words in such a way that you easily and effortlessly begin to sink into a level of trance that is convenient for you and just sets you at ease, perhaps slowing down your breath just a little and calming down your muscles and blood flow just to a level which is comfortable for you and then a little more and more; same as you may have just begun experiencing yourself relaxing now, by simply reading that last sentence. Now. Return to complete present consciousness again and be fully present in the moment now!

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If you really don’t know whether to begin with reiki, crystal healing, tarot, angel healing or holistic soul hypnosis, then you may wish to start with an NLP session. Think of NLP as a consultation, where you share with me your concerns in life and I offer you suggestions on the steps you may wish to follow going forward to rid of those concerns forever or simply reach a space where they no longer affect your life in negative ways or even bother you.

Metaphysics is based on the idea that our thoughts form our experience of life, that life is a mirror reflection of who we are. NLP, short for for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is the science backing up these beliefs. Neuro referring to neurology. Linguistic being language and Programming being about bringing the two together.

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All life forms communicate in so many more ways than merely words. NLP Practitioners are trained to pay close attention to the minutest details on all forms of communication, working together with you to pinpoint your limiting buffers in life and then working together on ridding you of these. 

This highly refined skill obviously makes NLP Practitioners excellent human lie detectors. However, this skill is best applied for identifying patterns and beliefs about life and yourself that do not serve you in positive ways. Do not worry too much about it, because you usually don’t consciously know that the mind is doing this anyway. This is what makes NLP so incredibly beneficial. It highlights what your mind is literally making you turn a blind eye to, and you will never become consciously aware of it, unless directly pointed out to you. Quite magical, hey?

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