Crystal Healing – The magic of stones!

Crystals emit energy at a set output that remains unchanged. The human body consists mostly of water. The body absorbs the highly beneficial crystal frequencies and that is the 101 of how crystal healing works. 

During Crystal Reiki sessions only a few crystals are brought into the sessions, and often JUST placed around the client, on their forehead or they may be asked to hold onto a crystal in the palms. Crystal healing is quite different. You can expect a lot of crystals to be placed on and around your body. For maximum effect it is more beneficial for some of the crystals touch the skin directly. Naturally, ladies are welcome to wear a sports bra or spaghetti strap top rolled up to expose the stomach area, males may choose to remain topless.

A towel or light linen cloth, depending on the temperature, is placed over the first layer of crystals resting directly on the skin. A second layer of healing stones follow. Crystal healing sessions are gentle, calming, beautifully relaxing, safe and can be applied to any personal concern you may have. People often book crystal healing sessions to aid their health in addition to their professional medical treatment. Others book a crystal healing session for spiritual growth, emotional or mental balancing and to release negative energy attachments. Crystal healing can be described as experiencing the most beautiful, heavenly lucid dream. It is truly relaxing and divine.

Watch this detailed video on Crystal Healing

Sometimes during a crystal healing session, clients sink into a wonderful, soul resting sleep-like state. No need to worry about this. There are crystals that will also gently ease you from this state of pure rest and relaxation back to full consciousness. As an added bonus, you will awake feeling fully rested, positive and blissfully ready to take on the world in the most positive ways.

Image credit: Robert Strasser from Pixabay

You have the choice between either a silent crystal healing session, which I personally experienced similar to a feather gently landing in the palm of my hand, or a guided crystal healing session. Guided crystal healing sessions are similar to guided meditations. Once again, guided crystal healing sessions offer you 2 options; I can either just gently speak to you through the whole session and you simply experience the beauty of it all, whilst your mind sponges up valuable new behavioral patterns, or we can have the kind of session where I present you with questions and you answer me back. This is much like a hypnosis session, but focuses on one concern only.

Great successes like quitting smoking, drinking problems, weight loss, health problems, confidence, public speaking or singing shyness can be eradicated during these guided crystal healing sessions. Chakra balancing, Aura cleansing, Karma balance, inner child healing, DNA healing and DNA activation, Cosmic wheel balancing, cord cutting and so much more can be addressed via these crystal healing sessions. The list is literally endless.

Image credit: Dan Farrell on Unsplash

Whatever concern you have, there is a whole range of crystals for it – I promise!

Silent Crystal Healing Sessions Duration: 1, 1.5 and 2 hours

Guided Crystal Healing Sessions can be 1.5 or 2 hours (not 1 hour)

Few natural healing modalities are more effective at bringing relief to physical symptoms or maintaining stable bodily, holistic and emotional health and wellness than crystal healing. Lithotherapy is the scientifically correct name for crystal healing.

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