Tarot Card Readings Explained

Tarot is a divinatory tool, meaning it is a way of receiving clear communication from the universe. The meditation analogy can be applied to Tarot – in prayer we speak to and ask from the universe. Through the divinatory language of tarot, same as a crystal ball by the way, we receive feedback from the quantum field of all knowing.

Crystal balls, as a point of interest, are used to amplify the receiving signal of universal energy and communication, similar to what an antenna does for a television. They make it easier to make sense of the already present information. Energy moves in all different directions and specific shapes make it easier to hone in on this energy. Round shapes, also called orbs, cause energy to spread outwards fast. It is like an energy amplifier. This is why tarot card readers often have a crystal ball close by. It assists them with tapping into the quantum energy field of all knowledge.

No pictures are reflected in the crystal itself, just in case you ever wondered, even though some readers do report seeing changing colours and shapes shifting. During crystal healing, a pyramid shaped crystal may be placed on your forehead for example, if the aim is to help open your third eye or receive unlimited universal healing, love and light. It’s all just about understanding how energy works and using it to your personal benefit.

Think of tarot this way; imagine your life as walking down a long alley at night. Tarot confirms your current circumstances of life, what decisions and energy patterns led you to this point, referred to as the present (the alley way) and where this current energy pattern is leading you towards. Tarot can be thought of as the streetlights, illuminating that way. You are made aware of the potholes about you, potential danger, good opportunities you may not be aware of, etc.

Since everything is just energy, you and I can work together at adapting your energy output, so that some manifestation possibilities that you do not wish to experience can be fuelled with a different energetic vibration, i.e. a different or less harsh outcome. This is how tapping into the energy of tarot can become very helpful for you.

We are all connected to Source of All, whether you choose to accept it or not. My advice to anyone receiving a tarot card reading from me is always this, “Don’t just accept what I tell you verbatim. Consult the eternal knowledge of your own heart and ask the question, does what I am telling you resonate with the truth of your own heart?” From this point onward, you decide what is true for your highest experience of life, because only you can decide what defines you and what does not. Tarot readings do not predict the future, only the most possible outcome you are heading towards. If you like it, great. If not, you have the power to change it.

According to Tarot historian, Tom Tadfor Little, traditional playing cards were first seen in Europe in 1375. Tom reports that these cards were brought over from the Islamic societies, where they have been used for centuries before. It wasn’t until 1440 that cards closer to what we today know as Tarot were mentioned. It appears that Tarot was originally invented as a game and referred to as Tarocchi, which is the Italian version of the French word, Tarot, which first came into effect around 1530. The simple truth is, nobody really knows exactly where Tarot Cards originate from. It could have been the East or Europe. Some sources even date it back to 969 China. The t at the end of tarot is silent, with a pronunciation similar to bor-row.

Tarot Card and Oracle Card Readings are excellent sources of life guidance. Capable tarot readers will usually be able to give you a full reading without you needing to give them any information upfront, because they read the information from our energy. I always say to my clients that I am really just a mirror you are holding up to yourself, you in effect reminding yourself of what you need to know, because we are all one. There is no separation. I am you and you are me, experiencing ourselves as separate. How amazing life is!!!

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