Holistic Soul Hypnosis Explained in Detail

Healing through your heart with the life enhancing benefits of regression hypnosis

Come and join me on a journey. Let’s walk together on an excursion that has the potential to improve your life abundantly, often in a very short period of time. After only one holistic soul hypnosis session, many clients find their lives expanding in ground-breaking, beautiful ways.

Holistic Soul Hypnosis is a wonderful blend of my AHN Great Life energy healing modalities. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Reiki, Crystal healing and Angel healing all form part of every AHN Great Life Holistic Soul Hypnosis session.

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Past life regression is excellent for balancing your cosmic wheel by clearing out karma carried over to this lifetime from a previous life experience. DNA healing and DNA activation, along with Cord cutting, Inner child healing and Age regression is great for relieving trauma, especially childhood trauma and blocked fear.

Sometimes your own Higher Self, which oversees every holistic soul hypnosis, may opt to guide your awareness to the Soulplane. The soulplane being where you existed as pure spirit or energy; a soul without an incarnation of any sort – human, animal, tree, plant, rock, etc. In the soulplane you may get to meet celestial beings, perhaps past loved ones, view your Akashic records and so importantly; get clarity on your soulplan, your life’s purpose.

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During the theta and somnambulistic states of trance I work with in regression hypnosis sessions, you are in a very deep and highly receptive state, the ideal level for positively deprogramming and reprogramming your powerful subconscious mind. This is where the priceless value of NLP-based Future Life Progression is applied optimally.

Have you ever had a lucid dream in which you became conscious of the fact that you were dreaming? Perhaps you were able to step out of the dream and change some of the details or seemingly set sequence of the dream. Here’s the great news: Since conscious living is literally nothing more than a projection of your subconscious mind to your conscious awareness, the same can be applied to enhance your current experience as a soul having a human being life experience, and it can be done so dynamically. It’s like enjoying the benefits of the law of attraction, minus the hard work of affirmations that can sometimes take extended periods of time to begin showing tangible results.

Watch this video explaining Holistic Soul Hypnosis in detail

By accessing the subconscious that forms around 95% of your complete mind directly, holistic soul hypnosis sessions quickly, easily and effectively eradicate thought patterns and beliefs that do not serve you positively and replace them with ones that do. Because the subconscious mind determines your actual experience of life, your life has the potential to change in a lasting way after only one holistic soul hypnosis session.

Freshly spiritually awoken souls within the human being experience or those interested in widening their spiritual net find great value in the blissful experience of a holistic soul hypnosis session. It’s about experiencing holistic soul wellness at its optimum. Often, when searching for your purpose in life, one of the greatest favors you can do yourself is to have a holistic soul hypnosis session.

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Hypnosis is not sleep. Holistic soul hypnosis is a deep level of relaxation, during which the conscious mind, also sometimes referred to as the ego, is invited to take a backseat. This allows the subconscious mind to step forward in a focused, crystal clear manner. During a holistic soul regression hypnosis session, you will either be completely immersed in trance, remain very present and experience your session similar to a daydream or, like the majority of people, you will experience a level of deeply relaxed consciousness somewhere in-between. Either level is absolutely perfect.

I work closely with you, preparing you for a highly successful hypnosis session, before we even begin your session. Below is an AHN Great Life Client Review.

There is nothing to be afraid of. Holistic soul hypnosis is nothing like stage hypnosis where you make funny duck quack quack sounds, etc. If for any reason whatsoever you need to wake up during an AHN Great Life regression hypnosis session, you will do so with ease, without me as the hypnotist needing to first prompt you to do so.

All sessions are recorded. Therefore, you need not be concerned about remembering any details of your hypnosis. You may also appreciate knowing that you remain in full control of the hypnosis session itself. Holistic soul hypnosis sessions are administered by your own subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is geared at protecting you. So, rest assured, you will never say anything that will embarrass or incriminate you afterwards. Details about all holistic soul hypnosis sessions are strictly confidential.

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If you would like to have your life improve in profound ways, book your your Holistic Soul Hypnosis session today. It may just end up being the nicest thing you’ve ever done for yourself. Below is a free hypnosis for Abundance, Prosperity and Success.

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