Dance of the Rain: The book that took me 19 years to complete

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Dance of the Rain: The book that took me 19 years to complete

Hi. My name is Adrian H. Nelson and to answer your first likely question: 19 Years! Yip. Why did it take me so long to complete this book. Well, I’m a perfectionist. Also, I set my mind on writing a book that would one day be published when I was only 17 years old. This was also at the beginning of my final year of South African high school, referred to as Matric during which it was expected of me to be incredibly serious about my future. I was right on track then – Tick.

First things first: Here’s the Amazon Kindle link to Dance of the Rain:

I’ve always been a bit of a creative rebel. So, who needed high school education when I had a book to write. It did turn out to be a much bigger task than I possibly could have imagined. It was also far more incredible than I anticipated. The missing year, between my then 17 and now 37 years of age…? To writers their books become synonymous to having children. Sometimes, we just don’t want to let go. It’s a force of love that surpasses the mundane nitty gritty blah blah of logical, left brain dissection.

Dance of the Rain was handwritten probably around 10 times. 3, Maybe 4 of those times being during my final school year. If you look at my final report, you’d swear I’m an idiot. And, you know what, I really did not care. I still don’t. I’m a writer. I love writing and I will never demean my god-granted talent by apologizing for it!I learned so many lessons working on this manuscript. One thing I can tell you about true writers, regardless what they are currently doing: In their minds they are constantly working on a book. I’m currently working on around 5.

So, I will write more books. You can safely bet money on that! Will it take me another 19 years? That will be an awfully bad investment! Here’s the thing about being in true congruence with your writing mind: The books will tell you as the writer what it would like you to write about next. It’s kind of a very interesting process where I observe these entirely interesting stories unfolding in my mind and in the end I write them down. This is the easy part for me, actually. Think of it as following 5 interesting series on Netflix at the same time, only they are all HBO Game of Thrones caliber.

Today though, 16 July 2019, location: Seapoint, Cape Town, South Africa in my best friend’s apartment with her ginger cat Leo, before 10 AM in the morning, the only thing that matters is that I finally published Dance of the Rain and as a dad, friend and co-creator of this 19-year-old friend of so many years, Adi (the one and only me) cannot be more proud. In fact, another drop of pride and I may actually burst, LOL. Here’s the link to the book available on Amazon Kindle:

Dance of the Rain is free for the first 5 days. So, hurry up and grab your copy. And be kind, leave a review, please? Link again:

Young, uncertain, afraid and the wrong skin color in racist South Africa, Melissa September finds herself in the sort of pickle no girl of color needs to find herself in. She is a domestic worker and infatuated with her white boss’ hormonal young son. Believing herself to be in love, young Melissa allows the situation to become intimate. But, soon before long, everything spirals out of control.

Whilst the racial segregation law passed, known as apartheid, deems it illegal for persons of different color to be romantically involved, Nicholas McCurdy promises Melissa that one day soon they will run off to London together, same as so many other apartheid refugees did. Pregnant with an illegal fetus and hopefully blindly that Nicholas will leave his wealthy life behind to flee with her to London, all things fall apart for the young girl when she finds out that she is not he first girl of color to find herself in this sort of situation by this young man’s sexual wiles. To make matters worse, things ended in the worst way possible for the previous girl Nicholas impregnated and also promised a happy life in London to.

District Six, the overcrowded, vibrant and poor area of residence had just been declared a whites only area. This means, Melissa and 60 000 thousand other people’s crowded home land will be flattened to the ground by unforgiving yellow bulldozers. Panic is palpable and ever-present, disease increases and as is the tendency during times of panic, crimes rises. At the worst possible time, having no idea what will happen to her, Melissa’s pillar of strength passes away abruptly.

With the racial situation at its worst, the world turns its back on South Africa, the country where millions of people are oppressed and dying due to the color of their skin. The economy takes a massive knock and Melissa is crushed by the fact that Nicholas may have no choice but to marry another white girl and she will have no choice but to serve his new wife daily. Worst of all, there is the very real threat that the unforgiving government will take her child away and she will never see her again….

Dance of the Rain is a story about Cape Town’s vibrant history as it had never been told before. Despite the plot starting out dark and oppressing, it is ultimately a story about overcoming hardship. It depicts how misunderstanding and hatred can ruin lives, and how forgiveness brings relief and peace. 

The story is fiction, yet the history and timelines are accurate. District Six was one of many areas of color that were demolished during the dark ages of racial segregation in South Africa, infamously referred to as apartheid. It was a time of inhumane terror, yet so much of the information portrayed to the world and even South African public is misguided. The papers and historians do not point out that many of these areas were sadly overpopulated, that disease festered, that old people and newborn babies died during the grueling winter months or that many desperate ladies passed as a result of unhygienic backdoor abortions.

During an event referred to as the Sharpeville Massacre it was reported that around 20 white police officers opened fire on thousands of black protesting students. Yet, the truth is that majority of those police officers were really just young, white boys who got propped a weapon in their hands and expected to keep at bay a crowd of between 5000 – 7000 angry people with only a wire fence between them.

Dance of the Rain portrays not only the story of South Africa and its dark past. It also speaks of the beauty there was among all the pain. It speaks of the message spread by Mr. Nelson Mandela when he was finally released from jail after 27 years for striving to gain equality for all the people of South Africa, blacks and whites equally.

Dance of the Rain speaks about forgiveness, about moving on and about never giving up, no matter how impossible a situation may seem. It is a story educating the world.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading Dance of the Rain blurp. Book available here:

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