Quantum Hypnosis, Tarot Readings, Reiki and everything else I do

Quantum Hypnosis, Tarot Readings, Reiki and everything else I do

Do you wish to have a beautiful life?

Holistic Soul Hypnosis may be the exact answer you’ve been looking for all your life.

I am a Holistic Wellness Practitioner who specializes in Holistic Soul Hypnosis – I absolutely love it!

In addition to being a Quantum Hypnotist, I am also an ancient Japanese found healing energy Reiki Master (Usui Ryoho Reiki, Crystal Reiki and Karuna Ki Reiki Master/Teacher), Crystal Healer, Angel Healing Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Quantum Touch Practitioner and Tarot Card Reader. My knowledge spans into Astrology, Numerology and Metaphysical Life Coaching.

Tarot card reading is a great passion of mine. Tarot card readings can be done in-person or via distance. If you prefer, we can conduct your session via voice or video call. 

Reiki and Angel Healing sessions can be done via distance or in-person, as energy is not bound by the Earth plane illusions of time, space and separation. We are truly all one!

Holistic Soul Hypnosis consists of 4 Hours sessions. Holistic Soul Hypnosis Regression sessions are coupled with Reiki, Crystal healing, Angel healing and NLP. As guided by your own Higher Self, you will typically experience 1 to 3 Past Lives, Life Between Lives (soulplane) and Future Life Progression. 

If required, Age Regression will be incorporated into your session as well as DNA healing and activation, Karmic cleansing, Cosmic wheel release, Entity removal and Inner Child healing. Age Regression is where we clear out stuck trauma energy perhaps from childhood, limiting thoughts and beliefs, picked up in this lifetime that holds you back from reaching your full potential. During age regression, we journey back from your current point of consciousness/life all the way to the point of inception. I recall sessions where the limiting belief had been created during fetus stages in the womb. The subconscious mind remembers everything, so in Holistic Soul Hypnosis, we allow it to point out to us where the healing is required and together we administer the necessary healing.

Holistic Soul Hypnosis sessions start off with an aura cleansing. Next, your chakras are balanced. Then, you are grounded to the center of Mother Gaia, the core of our host planet, precious Earth. After this, your heart is connected to that of Source of All, the power that enabled our perfect creation and endless possibility. Both mine and your guides, guardians, angels and ancestors love, guidance and support is invited to join and enhance our healing and greatest potential unlocking session.

During a Holistic Soul Hypnosis session, I too join you in elevating my consciousness to that of my own Higher Consciousness. Lots of the session often takes place via me channeling, meaning I ask the questions but they are guided by my Higher Self, so as to ensure the correct practitioner guidance is provided for you to benefit fully from your session.

Soulplan, your soul’s personal purpose for incarnating into a human body to planet Earth, form an integral part of every Holistic Soul Hypnosis session.  Once clarity is gained on your current and past lives’ purposes, you may find yourself leading a far more enriching, purpose-driven life, as soon as directly after finishing off your Holistic Soul Hypnosis session.

In preparation for sessions, I will send you a detailed email explaining everything. There is a pre-consultation, before your session, during which I explain to you very clearly what hypnosis is, what it is not and we together we will do a hypnosis test. Some people are more visual, others are more kinesthetic, meaning they understand information better from an emotional point of view. Whilst, others may be more auditory, meaning they grasp information better from a point of hearing. Regardless your personal mode of perception, I do some NLP exercises during your consultation to ensure that your Holistic Soul Hypnosis session serve your life optimally. You also get to ask questions during this pre-consultation, to ensure your complete peace of mind before the hypnotic induction takes place.

Hypnosis is not sleep. Hypnosis is a very calm, deeply relaxed state during which you are able to concentrate your focus intently. The restricting conscious mind takes a step back, allowing the greater part of your consciousness to step forward and provide clarity on issues you may have been wondering about or been frustrated about most of your life. All the answers you may ever seek, have forever been locked safely within you, patiently waiting for you to show up and consult it for life and soul guidance.

During the hypnotic state, things such as outside noises will not bother you much. All hypnosis, belief it or not, is self-hypnosis and even though the practitioner provides the voice commands, you are the one choosing to follow them and choosing to go into the calm, totally receptive, hypnotic state. You remain in full control throughout because you are not in a catatonic state. In fact, you are most likely more attentive to everything happening around you than ever before. For this specific reason, if for any reason whatsoever you need to wake up from your hypnosis session, you will become fully conscious without the practitioner needing to provide this suggestion, beforehand.

Many people are concerned about not being receptive to hypnosis. Let me assure you that this is unnecessary. Anyone can be hypnotized. The reason for this is very simple; everyone already goes into the hypnotic state several times per day, you are simply not aware of it. When you perform a task on seemingly autopilot, like driving a familiar route and you do so seemingly by default or perhaps making yourself a cup of coffee or tea as you’ve enjoyed it for years – that is hypnosis! Even people having difficultly sleeping or mentally switching off can be hypnotized, because as mentioned before, hypnosis is not sleep. In fact, if you usually have challenges switching off and relaxing, your mind may jump at the opportunity to have a nice little break.

During Holistic Soul Hypnosis, your soul’s conscious awareness is led onto different parts of your own existence, as you are an eternal being simultaneously existing in multiple dimensions. Your Earth existence is simply one of infinitely many planes of your entire, glorious, eternal, divine existence. How amazing that you may be able to experience this wonder about you!

Oftentimes, clients are concerned about saying things that may lead to their personal detriment or be embarrassing. This is unnecessary, as your conscious mind, which is still keeping a watchful eye on proceedings, will not allow this to happen. Holistic Soul Hypnosis has one powerful and one powerful goal only; helping you expand your life in a way that you will absolutely love.

We visit past lives because often answers to the present are locked in the past, in vows we may have taken, in actions we took and haven’t forgiven ourselves for, in actions we considered unfinished, answers to seek, even unresolved concerns we may have had about loved ones staying behind after we passed from those previous lives, etc.

We visit the soulplane during Life Between Lives regression, because here we receive guidance from our Higher Self, gain valuable information on our soulplan, our purpose for choosing to live this life as a soul incarnated into human being form on this planet Earth. Together, we can explore your Akashic Records and if there’s any Karmic Healing or DNA cleansing required to clear out negative energy from your path of life, this is the avenue to do it. Sometimes the soul just needs a good rest or some deep cleansing. This is the perfect plane for such deep healing to take place, that will benefit your life in beautiful ways.

Entity removal forms an integral part of all Hypnotic Soul Hypnosis sessions. Entities can be souls without a body hitching a ride from us. Think of the analogy where tags are attached to sea mammals to monitor their patterns. Nobody first checks with the sea creature if this is okay and we simply assume that they are blissfully unaware and totally unaffected by this tag. But, what if they are not? Everything in the universe is energy, and oftentimes entities just need some assistance in finding their path back home or need to be made aware of the reality that they are negatively affecting us. Many times, entities end up apologizing for this.

Yes, there are entities who are not very kind and their intentions may be destructive. These are not that common, but not to worry yourself, I am completely capable of dealing with a hostile energy if I come across it, in a way that will not affect you in any negative ways. In fact, the effect on your life is beautifully enriching and positive. The light from your own heart, the unlimited power of your soul and the angels are brought together to assist in tasks like these.

Future Life Progression is a very important part to every Holistic Soul Hypnosis session. Here, I apply my knowledge as an NLP/ Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner to ensure that whatever patterns we foundation into your subconscious mind will serve you optimally, going forward into your lovely future. This is very important, as whatever is planted in your subconscious mind as an idea that is true for you, will inevitably come true. That is how the law of attraction phenomena operates. 

The wonderful thing about Holistic Soul Hypnosis is that it operates on the Quantum Level. On this plane, debilitating thoughts and beliefs that may have limited your birthright potential all your life are eradicated and replaced by thoughts and beliefs about yourself and life that serves you in abundantly positive ways. Miracles and blessings set aside for you remains exclusively yours forevermore and the moment those thoughts and beliefs limiting its manifestation are removed, they will appear into your life, easily and effortlessly. How magickal is that!

The incredible thing about a Holistic Soul Hypnosis session is that your life has the potential to improve very quickly and completely dynamically because whatever pothole was limiting your progress, blessings and incredible potential is completely removed, to the degree you are ready to receive and let go.

It is a common occurrence for your life to naturally improve over the first few days, followed by weeks and months after your Holistic Soul Hypnosis session, because thoughts and beliefs that used to limit and block your potential have been removed and replaced with positive, encouraging, beneficial and above all HONEST ideas about your own incredible, boundless potential.

The aim of every Holistic Soul Hypnosis session is your optimum personal, best serving abundance, prosperity and success!

Book a Holistic Soul Hypnosis session with me today. 

It may just be the biggest favor you’ll ever do for yourself!

To read up more about myself as a hypnotist and what I do, read this blog to determine whether I am the right hypnotist for you.

Also read my blog on Hypnosis and why I love it.

Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only.  It is not intended to be a substitute for professional assistance or personal mental health treatment by a qualified clinician.

With all my heart, love and peace.

Namaste 🙂

May you forever remain divinely blessed!

Forever – Adrian

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