Am I the right hypnotist for you?

Am I the right hypnotist for you?

Only you can decide whether I am the right regression hypnotist for you. So, please allow me to share with you why I love conducting hypnosis sessions with clients?

Hi. I’m Adrian H. Nelson and I have had a lifelong passion for hypnosis and the incredible benefits it holds. Initially, during crystal healing sessions I used the power of suggestion to enhance the healing benefits for clients. Later, NLP training helped me understand the true value of positive suggestion. Holistic Soul Hypnosis is short greatly improves your life. Hypnosis are quick, beneficial and lasting.

Holistic Soul Hypnosis sessions are conducted in English and Afrikaans. You are welcome to visit my holistic wellness practice in Seapoint, Cape Town, South Africa. Powerful results are just as easily maintained via an online session, as this 1:11 minutes client testimonial below clearly reveals.

After my best friend had a deep trance hypnosis session with QHHT and BQH practitioner Cristelle Daffie I became highly intrigued with discovering the holistic benefits of hypnosis, as my friend’s life rapidly and extremely positively improved. Hypnosis assists me in doing the one thing I love doing most of all: Improving my personal experience of life by constantly finding ways to love myself better, whilst supporting others in doing the same!

We all strive for a more fulfilling experience of life, often without knowing how to attain it. Holistic Soul Hypnosis can help you! We are so much more than just our bodies and mortal lives here on earth. The greatest part of you that is far more vast than the conscious human mind can possibly fathom. This is the part of us that is eternal, all-knowing, complete compassion and pure love. Our souls are forever at peace. It always guide us towards love and peace.

During a Holistic Soul Hypnosis session, you are guided to different stages of your many lives to gain clarity on current concerns. We explore this lifetime, age regressing back in time, even into your mother’s womb. The subconscious mind remembers everything. Think of your subconscious mind as the majority part of an iceberg that is hidden underwater and can’t be seen. And the conscious mind as the less than 10% tip we can see above water.

Now we begin looking a little deeper: Why did you choose this life? Why did you choose your particular life circumstances, your appearance, the family you were born into? What are the lessons you incarnated at this point in time to learn and how can you do so in ways that serve you better? What do you wish to experience in this life? What is your soul’s plan? Is there some divine karmic plan or are you playing Earth’s illusion just because you can?

It is possible to meet with departed loved ones whilst in the soul plane. However, I strongly recommend against having a session solely for this purpose. The reason is simple; you may not yet be ready for such a meeting or the soul may not yet be ready to meet with you. Just because a loved one no longer has a body does not by default mean they have suddenly become a soul ready to face absolutely anything. We always grow, here and there.

There is a consultation before the session to determine where you are at. You need to be of a sober, consciously sane mind and if you are on prescription medication, I strongly prefer you first discuss having a hypnotherapy session with your professional medical carer who will then give you a letter to agree that an altered state of consciousness will not contradict the benefits of your medication. If you can drop expectations and let your soul guide you, you will just love your session!

Certified Master Hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton, the undisputed pioneer of regression therapy, refined his hypnotic regression technique based on 7000 individual case studies who all reported very similar experiences. Along with my regression sessions, I incorporate my broad knowledge as a Reiki master, crystal healer, angelic healer as well as the positively transformative techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

My own hypnotic training began in Reiki where I discovered the benefit of asking questions to clients during treatment. Later in Crystal Healing, I became very intrigued by how all answers are always within us. I studied conversational hypnosis with Dan Jones and master hypnotherapy, age regression, past life regression, future life regression and life between lives regression with Karen E. Wells of kew solutions and The Newton Institute.

A few concepts about hypnosis generally wondered about: You cannot get stuck in trance, it is impossible for anyone to make you do things that go against your wishes. Hypnotherapy is perfectly safe and absolutely nothing like stage hypnoses. You will feel very calm and relaxed but, remain fully aware of what is happening around you. If there is any urgent need for you to wake up during a hypnotic session you will become fully awake at once.

So, what can you expect from a session with me? A lot of talk about releasing limiting thoughts and beliefs; loving yourself, and discovering your true life’s passion. Crystals and the absolute healing sounds of cymantic. 432 hz, which is often referred to as the Magickal Tone, is also used and beautifully calming. 528 hz Music is wonderfully appropriate for DNA Healing sessions. Coupled with hypnosis, healing sounds of cymantic is incredibly healing!

My goal in all my work is centered around one important question: “How do I best help this person reach a stage where they experience the best possible version of their own lives?” It is a calling without which my own life feels empty. If you feel that I am the appropriate person to help you build your best possible experience of life, then feel free to contact me via your preferred social media channel below. Namaste, love & light to you!

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Legal disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only.  It is not intended to be a substitute for professional assistance or personal mental health treatment by a qualified clinician.

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  1. […] Hypnosis, especially Ericksonion Hypnosis, is often used along with NLP. Ericksonion Hypnosis, based on the incredible work of “the father of hypnosis”, Erick Milton, incorporates many highly beneficial techniques. In fact, NLP can be an excellent steppingstone towards a holistic soul hypnosis session for those who may be nervous about actual hypnotic induction right away. It strongly leans towards a hypnotic technique called Conversational Hypnosis. […]


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