What is your role in your life?

Image credit: Arek Socha via Pixabay

What is your role in your life?

What is your role in your life? What position do you fill? Imagine your life as a publicly listed company. What role do you fulfill? What is your position? How much say do you have? Are you a board member? If yes, what is your shareholding percentage? Or are you just another one of multiple office workers, who will be informed via a memo what their role is to be in this company, which is your life? Some people are janitors in their own companies, their own lives. They don’t even get acknowledged in any of the decisionmaking that directly affects them. What is the role you are playing in your own life? In your company? Does it make you happy?

The only way for you to experience your dream life is to take up the only seat in the house you were born to, the main chair. Imagine if the heir or heiress to a kingdom’s throne decides he or she is not in a very ruling mood any longer. They would rather deep-fry doughnuts, cream them with beautiful flowers and butterfly patterns, selling them along with takeaway coffee. There is nothing wrong with that plan, but for one – it is someone else’s plan, not yours. If you were born to serve as royalty, why insist on being the handmaid? Take up your rightful position in your own life.

Image credit: Peter H via Pixabay

What is your vision for your life? Would you like to be the person living in this big house? Alone or not? What are your reasons? Perhaps, you may be the person longing to design this kind of home, or you may dream of owning your own construction company building it, be an interior designer decorating it, landscape artist designing the grounds, a tourist admiring architecture, a photographer taking this awesome picture or a person inspired to write a blog about it. What is your vision for your life and how does it feel inside when you think about it becoming your reality?

We live in a world where often you are dictated your allowable sphere of dreams from birth to death. If you are born into a poor but proud, hardworking family you may dream of working extremely hard and hopefully attend college one day. If you are born into a very wealthy family then many people accept it as a no-brainer that you will naturally be interested in furthering the family business. Few people stop and ask: “Hey, is this how I would like to express myself in this world?” Again, if your life can be symbolically seen as a publicly listed company, what is your role in it and are you happy playing that part?

Image credit: Tero Vesalainen via Pixabay

You may have tried so hard doing the “right” thing, that you depleted your own battery. You are drained, left with no energy. Perhaps you are a very strong, highly capable and independent woman who has ambitions and dreams but you don’t pursue them because you are listening to the peanut gallery naming you one stubborn girl. Maybe you are a guy who can write gripping romance novels, but you don’t do so because you are listening to that same peanut gallery saying you are just too sensitive, needy and gay. Man Up! Women Up! Charge that battery of yours! Live your magic!

What is your role in your life? Are you charging your phone or have you allowed so many others to use your charger that it is now damaged, that your battery is now depleted and can’t be recharged? Do you even know where your charger is? How does it make sense for you to be in a position where you cannot charge your own battery and access your phone’s great potential because others are having your mobile charger. Take your strength back. Stop giving your power away to others, seeking their approval, affection and praise. The only person in this life you have any business taking TLC of is yourself! Teach our next generation by example!

Image credit: Mabel Amber via Pixabay

Alright, let’s assume you are prepared to give this whole putting yourself first thing a chance; where do you start? How do you, as a person who may not be all that clued up about loving yourself, start? You begin your journey with the things most important to you; your partner, your children, your home, your hopes, your dreams, etc. Really take your time and list these things down. Become very clear about what is important to you in your own life! Take some time after completing your list and feel the love, appreciation and respect you feel for all these blessings in your life. Now realize, that with some work, you are able to appreciate these even more.

No need to stress! This does not have to be an impossible task. It won’t always be easy, but you can take it one day at a time. When you allow yourself to honestly think about it, you will see how living a measured life is not the easiest task in this world, either. So, embrace yourself. Accept your birthright to constantly experience self-love. Invest in yourself. Teach your children, partner, family and other loved ones exactly how it is done, by showing them. Ask for divine guidance from our Creator, Source of All. Invite in the help of your loving soul family. If you are really serious about taking a firmly constructive hold of your life, invest in and work through the book that changed my life: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay

Paperback & audio available from Hay House

We teach people how to love us by the example we set for them. You may think of yourself as lesser so God may uplift you. No honey, God granted you with something incredible called free will and by your free will God will support absolutely anything you choose for or belief about yourself, even if that is not in your best interest. Doesn’t sound very God-like, does it? Think of it this way, the founder of QHHT (Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique) Dolores Cannon, explains that Earth is like a school. You have to learn everything and be everything. I personally believe that we place ourselves at the exact time and space, within the appropriate circumstances and family perfectly suited to us advancing to the next step in our evolution, to rediscovering and bask in the inherent beauty that we have always been.

Baby steps! Baby steps! Baby steps! SURE 🙂

My belief is that we all originate from the Light, the Source of All LOVE. When you hear spiritual people say they are sending you love and light, it is not some voodoo contraption they are referring to. Sending someone love and light means you are celebrating their true magnificent natural essence and praying that they get filled up with more of it so they can once again be reminded of their eternal and powerful energetic, positive and beautiful oomph! When we realize and accept who we truly are, we leapfrog from that limiting space of being the janitor in our own publicly listed company to declaring: There is only one seat in this setup meant for me and that is the president’s chair! Now you are acknowledging your true spirit, namaste.

Image credit: Silvia & Frank of pixel2013 via Pixabay

Stop assuming the role of the fallen king or queen. In the chess game of life, you are never defeated. You may feel as if you are, but I promise you that you are not. Teach your king, by example, how you need to be loved ladies. Teach your queen, by example, how you need to be loved gents. Regardless of how hard anyone tries, if they don’t understand your love language, how you need to be loved, they cannot help you – no matter how diligently they try. Stop selling yourself short. I repeat, stop selling yourself short. You a fractal of light from Source of All, the eternal divine, God. Know who you are and claim that space in the life that had always been reserved especially for you!

If you are struggling, book yourself a crystal healing session. Book yourself a Reiki session or a tarot reading session. Learn how manifestation works, work along with the angels and fairies to sculpt your new life, the one that is rightfully yours in the first place. Yes, crystal healing, reiki, tarot readings, astrology, numerology, all these esoteric, metaphysical, holistic concepts may be alien to you. But, think of it this way, what has your success rate been so far with what is known and familiar to you? You start changing your life by taking an alternative approach to it. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself. Acknowledge your own existence by smiling, winking, waving at yourself, whatever works for you, whenever you pass a reflective surface.

Footage: Sarah Brightman and Yoshiki performing Miracle via YouTube

The above footage is by world bestselling soprano Sarah Brightman born in 1960 and 1965-born Japanese music genius Yoshiki. Maestro Yoshiki is in his mid-fifties, whilst Sarah Brightman is almost 60-years-old, yet look at them. Sarah is standing on top of a grand piano, which she stepped onto herself, dressed to impress with glittering Swarovski crystal literally from head to toe. At the age of almost 60, Sarah Brightman partnered with Swarovski for the elaborately impressive costumes for her new album HYMN tour. This is the result of taking the president chair in your own life if you were to be a publicly listed company, to whatever measure is perfect for you!

Neither artist had it easy all the time. Both had challenges to face and overcome. Because they assumed the presidential seat in their own lives they overcame those challenges. Know who you are. If you forgot, find your way back to you. Ask for help. There’s this great strength in asking for help, no shame at all. Follow the holistic path, follow the religious path – find and follow the path that is right for you. I ask you again, and I urge you to consider this very seriously: What is your role in your own life?

Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only.  It is not intended to be a substitute for professional assistance or personal mental health treatment by a qualified clinician.

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