The day I fell in love with Crystal Healing

The day I fell in love with Crystal Healing

The day I fell in love with Lithotherapy aka Crystal Healing I was in a horrendous amount of physical pain. I would label it a number 10 level of agony. I am a man and, apparently, we have a much lower pain threshold. Whichever way you put it; I fell off the top of a tall ladder picking cherries with my cousin. Lots of bed rest, pain meds and even two really strong injections later, I was still weak with agonizing lower back pain.

I’ve had beautiful Crystal Healing sessions with Markus van der Westhuizen before. They were amazing and highly beneficial in helping me overcome limiting thoughts and believes about life and myself, operating as a soul having a human being experience. But this was different, I was in paralyzing pain and no meds were helping. It was 31 December 2014 and I wondered if Markus was available? He immediately said: “Come over.”

When I arrived at Markus’ practice I could hardly stand. Even the slightest movement caused me discomfort. This was a guided session, meaning instead of simply relaxing quietly and immersing in the bliss of serenity, the practitioner asks you questions and you discover the answers for yourself. We always have all the answers within us already. We are born with them. Two hours later, after forgiving some deep emotions, all the pain was gone!

That night I was dancing. It was New Year’s Eve after all! And by dancing, I mean dancing. Like, I was breaking-it-down, constantly doing gymnastics-like antics close to the floor. I gave my feet very little rest. It was one of the best nights of my life. I could not stop telling everyone about the clearly miraculous experience I underwent. Some people probably thought I had too much to drink because none of what I said seemed possible.

Crystals always fascinated me, like those jovial people living in the big house on the hill you wish to become friends with but don’t know how. Synchronically beautiful as the universe operates, my quest introduced me to a gift I will forever remain grateful for, an ancient Japenese form of Energy Healing called Reiki! It is also the understanding and practicing of Reiki that opened the portal for me to become a Crystal Reiki Master.

Let’s begin with Reiki since I mentioned it first. Reiki is what we call the universal lifeforce (Rei) that constantly surrounds us all of us. Ki stand for energy. So, universal life energy. We all perform reiki on a daily basis in one form or another; gently touching the parts on our bodies that hurt or caress those of another, wishing they may feel better. Reiki is that same well-intended touch. Reiki practitioners just know how to amplify that touch.

Video courtesy of Carla Truji of Tru-Life

Back to Crystal Healing and Crystal Reiki. I began incorporating crystals into my Reiki sessions. The results were immediate. I worked with mostly quartz crystals energies. Clear quartz to invite in white light, rose quartz for love, amethyst for as above so below energy balance, citrine for confidence, carnelian for building a closer connection with source, bloodstone for health, black tourmaline to dispel negativity and a few other crystals.

It was as if the stones were suddenly communicating with me. I could balance my chakras, thus align my energy. Once I was in that calm, elevated and receptive state, I can caress a crystal in the palms of my hand and without knowing its name or origin could intuitively and quite accurately know what assistance their energy could offer. I became obsessed with crystals. I was forever reading up about them, collecting as many as I could.

The human body consists mostly of water, which in itself is highly adaptable to physical change. Water can be liquid, steam or ice. In this same way, the water which your body vastly exists of can absorb crystal energy and thus re-align your energy flow. Crystals radiate at a set energy point, which does not change. This is how they can help balance our body and aura’s energy. You can even infuse crystal energy into drinking water.

When I conscientiously began studying crystals, a whole new world opened before me. I studied how the energy flow operates within the human body and which crystals can be applied and how to apply them to aid in harmonizing this flow. I learned that not all crystals can safely be infused in water then be consumed or are placed in direct contact with the human skin, whilst others work at optimum when placed directly onto the body.

It is in studying the different origins of crystals and their forming processes over millions and billions of years that I gained a deeper understanding, knowledge and respect for them. I believe that crystals are our gift from the divine and mother Gaia, our host planet, Earth. They draw us into a true connection with nature, the fairies, the angelic realm, our own spiritual truth and above all, they bring us in a closer connection with Source of All.

Photo credit: Elderberry Arts via Flickr

When you team up the healing potential of Reiki energy flow with the desired emitting energy of crystals, miracles literally happen. Healing you did not expect takes place. Solutions to problems ceaselessly present themselves. Reiki and Crystal Healing practitioners can direct these energies in such a way that the greatest good of all is the goal. In my healing sessions, I also work with the beautiful angelic and wonderful fairy realms.

Crystal Healing is called new age, yet its use dates back to the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Mexicans, Chinese and Greeks. Records date back as far as 60 000 years, whereas the New Age movement only started gaining real momentum around 1980. Crystals healing is said to be pseudoscience, most likely only a placebo, but on the afternoon of 31 December 2014 I did not expect to be healed of my intense pain, yet I was! Now, I’m a believer.

Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Angel Healing therapy and Crystal Healing practitioners facilitate life-changing healing sessions that change thousands, if not millions, of lives. Because energy is not limited by our limited perception of time and space, Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Angel Healing, Crystal Healing and other forms of Energy Healing is performed across vast physical spaces on a daily basis. For more info, click either link below or leave a comment.

Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only.  It is not intended to be a substitute for professional assistance or personal mental health treatment by a qualified clinician.

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