Love yourself better by understanding your chakras

Love yourself better by understanding your chakras

Chakras are the energy centers within the human body keeping us connected to Source. Balanced chakras keep us in harmonious alignment. We have quite a number of chakras in the body, but the ones most focused on is usually the 7 main chakras. Having a basic understanding of these can positively impact on you having a positive experience of life.

Below is a breakdown of the 7 main chakras in the human body. All life forms have a rather similar chakra system. The entire universe is really a repeat of patterns within similar patterns with slightly altered exteriors like a human body or a tree. To better love and understand your chakras, below is a brief summary with colour association.

Crown chakra. Associated with the colour indigo. The crown chakra represents our connection to Source of ALL, the Divine, oneness, All that is, God! It is about understanding and accepting that we are pure love and light, have always been and will always be. It’s about peacefully knowing you are never alone because you form an important part of the entire universe. That’s how special you are! That’s how special every human on this planet is. I acknowledge the greatness of your soul. Namaste.

Pineal gland which is also known as the ever-so-intriguing third eye. Once we reach a certain level of spiritual development the opening of the third eye happens naturally. I would like to make use of this opportunity to ask everyone to please not rush along this process? Follow the natural path of your 7 main chakra system and pineal gland activation becomes a misnomer. It all begins with loving yourself. So in effect, you want to really work your way from the bottom up, from the root chakra, first establishing a solid connection to Gaia. We’re always fully connected. Third eye opening just makes us more aware of this, that is the long and short of it.

Throat chakra. This can be a tough one for some people. The throat chakra is associated with standing up and speaking up for yourself. This directly ties in with loving and accepting yourself. You may need to forgive some people to discover the true you or you may need to apply the bravery to say: “I don’t quite know how to love, accept and approve of myself just yet. But, because I wish to enjoy a richer experience of life, I am willing to be willing to try. Universe here I am. Please help me?” This can be very scary for some people. Remember, the angels, fairies, your soul family, guides, etc are always nearby, happy and very able to assist. They love helping. Ask for their assistance.

Hearth chakra. Oh, beautiful heart chakra! If you never follow any of the advice I lovingly offer, please accept this one: Do whatever you can to love yourself better? The more you love yourself the better your experience as a soul having a human being experience becomes. Loving yourself is like tending to a plant in fertile ground. You feel better, you don’t blame yourself for silly things you never need blame yourself for. Your overall experience of life simply improves. Bonus: People become super nice to you too!

Solar plexus. The centre of our emotions. When our solar plexus chakra is in alignment we feel safe and secure because our emotions are intact. A lot of illness can be caused by this chakra, or any other chakra being unbalanced for that matter (either over or underactive). I remember hating myself and feeling my life is a waste. As a direct result, I suffered some extreme stomach cramps and painful bowel movements. Blocked energy is caused by events that hurt us so deeply that they are sometimes suppressed deep into the darkest pits of our subconscious, causing diseases such as ulcers and cancer.

Sacral chakra. Associated with sexuality, creativity, compassion and desire. The sacral chakra is about physical expansion and securing a space in this world that feels safe for you. Sacral chakra focuses on expanding that connection, making your circle bigger, building your tribe; reproducing, building a home, distinguishing personal preference. The fairy realm also closely associate with this charka because it also deals with ego, which is the beginning of personal preference.

The root chakra, focusing on our divine connection to our host and co-creating creator; Gaia, Earth, the blue planet. I always motivate people interested in developing their psychic ability to focus exclusively on building a closer relationship with the earth. Gaia plays a vital role in making our soul having a human being experience simulation possible. Yes, this life is an illusion but the idea is to embrace the illusion, not say whatever it’s just an illusion anyway. We chose to come here and same as you don’t go to a theatre performance and say this is all fake, the same things apply when it comes to either embracing your life or not. As the incredible people motivator, Nianell says Just Be!

Chakras balancing meditation

A very simple and highly effective way to balance your chakras is by doing this very simple meditation: Sit in a chair. I love being out in natural sunlight, listening to the rain, being surrounded by plants or listening to the wind rustling through the leaves, known as leave song, when doing this. Whatever works best for you though is absolutely perfect.

Once you are comfortably settled into a sitting position you are ready to begin. If you prefer the lotus position or even laying down whilst doing this meditation, that is perfect too. Again, whatever is most comfortable for you is perfect. You may also use this meditation as a calming preparation for your usual meditation practice. It’s very calming. It could also help awaken and develop your psychic ability. However, my advice is to let peace, love and calm be your guide. The rest will naturally follow.

Root Chakra

Start by visualising (imagining in pictures in your mind) that a bright red light is lighting up at the bottom of your spine, in your low back area. You may also visualise a little red tennis ball excitedly bouncing up and down at the bottom of your spine if this works better for you. Smile at the light, or the ball or the light glowing little tennis ball. Repeat the affirmation: It is okay and safe for me to just be.

Once you are comfy with that red little tennis ball then you’re good to move upwards towards your next chakra, the sacral chakra, which is associated with the colour orange. But, if at this or any other point, even in your waking state you feel too floaty or overwhelmed, just imagine strong roots growing from the soles of your feet deep into the centre of the earth. This is calming technique is called grounding.

Sacral Chakra

Imagine a beautiful pure white light moving upwards, connecting the red tennis ball or red light to the next ball or light. For simplicity’s sake, I’m going to stick with light from here onwards but you are safe to continue imagining a tennis ball which may or may not glow. As the white light connects with the orange, smile at your beautiful orange sacral chakra. Know that you are safe and allowed to follow your dreams. Repeat the affirmation: I am an ever-expanding soul daily discovering more of my true beauty.

Solar Plexus

You’re becoming very good at this. Now allow that beautiful white light that connects your red root chakra to your orange sacral chakra to reach for more beauty in life as it excitedly reaches up to connect with your bright yellow solar plexus chakra that’s located between your abdomen and heart space area. Such beautiful, bright yellow, loving sunlight energy, like the most perfect sunrise, opening your conscious mind to beautiful possibilities available to you in life. Repeat the affirmation: I am love, I am light, I am a perfect creation of love and light.

Heart Chakra

Things are becoming exciting for you! That pure and beautiful white light connecting your red, orange and yellow chakras in perfect alignment is excited about its divine, fun journey. And as that light focuses upwards, it notices a perfect lush green light space. This is your heart chakra. Connect to it, feel your chest turn caressingly warm from this connection. Allow that emerald love to fill your entire body then expand outwards. Repeat the affirmation: I am enough. I have always been enough!

You are doing fantastic. Remember, if you feel a bit too floaty than what is comfortable, you may still grow roots from the souls of your feet deep into the safety of Gaia. Her crystals will love and keep you forever protected whilst being a perfect soul having a human being experience. Creation is so perfect. The green leaves, held securely by strong branches, blow joyously in the wind, whilst its roots remain securely in the ground. You are safe.

Throat Chakra

Now, as you realise your true worth and eternal positive potential as a being who is a perfect creation of pure love and light, that white light is ready to make its next upwards connection into your throat area. And this chakra, beautiful blue and calming in colour, like a cloudless blue sky, reminds us that it is safe for us to not only know our true worth but to celebrate it and be proud of being the incredible human being that you are. The white light begins to recognise the beauty of itself reflected in this beautiful blue throat chakra. Joyously repeat the affirmation: I express my individuality with excitement and love.

Pineal Gland / Third Eye

That divine white light is so excited right now. It is reaching upwards, fully accepting the eternal beauty of love and light that you are, that you have always been. Reach up into the centre of your mind, into that space between your two eyes and accept your perfect connection to everything. This is your third eye chakra, your pineal gland. You now understand how it makes perfect sense to first balance your other chakras and only then, without force, float into the third eye space, your connection to all.

The white light traveled quite a great journey: From your red root chakra grounding you to Gaia, then upwards to your orange sacral chakra in the centre of your stomach letting you know its perfect to follow your heart’s dreams, next was the beautiful sunlight warmth of fantastic new great possibilities sacral chakra embracing all of your emotions, the light and the so-called dark. Next was the emerald heart chakra. Remember that safe expansion of love as the light reached your heart chakra, sliding up to your sky blue throat chakra, reminding you it is as safe for you to be perfect you and finally that wonderful, embracing purple third eye chakra. Repeat the affirmation: I am connected to all. I am part of all. I have always been part all.

Crown Chakra

As you embrace your consciousness of being one with ALL, just sit with that sensation. Allow your personal beauty to expand. Allow your quiet mind to expand. Open yourself to all the love, prosperity, abundance and success the universe has to offer – for you! Expand that light, even more, allow it to grow past your physical body, past the fence of your current location, past your town, past the ozone layer, into the universe.

And now, as you are ready, allow that beautiful white light to expand even further, into the 7th chakra which is a gigantic white ball of light at the crown of your head. This is known as your crown chakra and it is your eternal, perfect connection to the divine. It is the Souce of ALL that ever is and that ever will be, love and light – you! Embrace ALL. Repeat the affirmation: I am one with Source of ALL as it is one with me.

Balanced Chakras = LOVE & LIGHT Oneness

You are home. And in this moment you realise the true magic, that you have always been home. Now, in this moment of complete harmonious connection with ALL you clearly see the meaning of life. You see how it makes sense to connect to Gaia and remain connected to her, to grow, strengthen your emotions, accept who you are, celebrate who you are and then be that beautiful person that you are. This is the true meaning of Namaste; my soul acknowledging the great eternal light in me also being in you. Namaste.

Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only.  It is not intended to be a substitute for professional assistance or personal mental health treatment by a qualified clinician.

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