Space Clearing Benefits

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Space Clearing Benefits

Similarly, to how dust can collect in corners or mildew can grow in moist, dark groves, negative energy can gather and get stuck in a space.

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Space clearings are typically performed for homes, offices and other places of work, like a guesthouse, B&B, shops or events venue, where there’s a constant influx of altering human bodies and energies. It could also be a very good idea to have a space clearing done for your vehicle, especially if it is purchased second-hand or had been in any sort of collision, like an accident or hijacking. Before moving into a new home, be it new or old, especially before any of your personal belongings are moved in, it is an excellent idea to have a space clearing done for your future positive living space. This sets a clear intention to the universe for abundance, prosperity, happiness and success.

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If you have experienced very negative circumstances in a place you are moving away from, you may actually wish to have that cleared as well, so as to assure that the negative energy you are moving away from is detached from you completely, instead of remaining attached to you and similar circumstances begin to arise in the new environment as you are not yet rid of the energy. Remember, if you leave love when moving out, then you will experience love in the new place, because in this wonderful energetic universe of infinite possibilities we are existing in; what you give out comes back to you. The universe is literally like a boomerang, forever mirroring your own energetic patterns back to you. So, it is never them; it is always you because there is no them. We are all one, expressing our experience of life in a multidimensional field of infinite possibility, much like creating a work of fiction. It can be quite fascinating but all parts form part of the same book. It is all just one story.

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During space clearings, you can expect to have your furniture moved away from the walls and your cupboards may be unpacked, your floors swept, dusting to take place and every surface to be washed and/or sprayed with crystal and herbs elixir water that is prepared especially for this purpose. Your drains are energetically cleared out, smudge sticks, sage, frankincense and myrrh burned as the universal light of the universe is invited into your space to provide ongoing love, happiness, positive vibes (literally) and support. I may also recommend that you rearrange your furniture, so as to ensure an easier Feng Shui, ongoing positive flow of beautiful energy. Salt may be placed in corners or salt bowls and candles may be placed at key points in your space.

Depending on your space, clearings can take half a day, a full day and sometimes longer. A full house clearing may take up to two days. You are really getting a very deep cleansing, which may or may not spread into your yard, depending on your wishes and needs.

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Very important: Space clearing is not a domestic service. If your house is physically dirty, you are required to first clean it yourself or make use of an actual cleaning service. AHN Great Life reserves the right to refuse cleansing your space and hold back your 50% deposit if you book a space clearing under false pretenses. 

If you are living in a space where you or someone else experienced a lot of sadness, ill health, any form of hardship or where money simply seems to just keep on falling into pitfalls, you may wish to strongly consider having a space clearing booked for your home. I will also advise on crystals and plants that are helpful for maintaining a positive flow of energy throughout your personal space.

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