5 Super Tips for writing your own book


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5 Super Tips for writing your own

When I started my final school year, what we in South Africa call matric, I made a firm decision to write a book that will one day be successfully published. Around 5 rewrites by hand, two on an electronic typewriter and 6 on 4 different computers later, my book Dance of the Rain, is finally ready for publication. Learn from my mistakes.

The best tips for writing a super great book are super straightforward. Yet, many writers (for years myself included) ignore them completely. It was when I started applying these 5 changes to my writing that things began taking direction for me. Dance of the Rain is finally in the final publication phases because of applying these 5 writing techniques.

Let’s dive right in with my 5 Super Tips for writing your own book.
1. Write what you know about

One would imagine this to be the most obvious thing in the world. However, most writers try to appear smart. This can be for a number of reasons. For me, personally, it was a lack of confidence. I felt I needed to write something really impressionable for anyone to even bother looking at my work. Truth is, truth sells – stick to your truth!

2. Be an avid reader

I don’t think there’s anything more important for a writer to do than read. It’s like your colleague education. From many of my favourite novelists Ken Follet, Wilbur Smith, Dalene Matthee and Dan Brown I learned a lot about phrasing and describing plot. It’s not about copying them. It’s about learning from their writing techniques and practice.

3. Write everyday

Writing as often as I would have loved to was my biggest challenge through the years. It’s one thing to follow your passion but that passion will soon fade if you cannot pay your rent or your cupboard is bare. The struggling writer is only sexy in a Nickelodeon. My advice: Make your writing a priority. Set writing time aside, even if it’s one hour per day.

4. Have an end goal in mind

If you’re writing down a whole lot of wonderful ideas and beautifully tying them together in a great flow without any actual purpose to ever get published, you’re still writing. But that is not writing a book. You are journaling. Journaling is great, yet unless your name is Anne Frank it ain’t gonna put any bucks in your pocket or bank account.

5. Write, step away, edit and only then continue writing again

This piece of advice is really, really vital. Regardless, how motivated you feel, always first edit what you wrote last. I wrote pages upon pages before, my fingers flying across the keyboard like little titans on a mission, only to go back the next day and realise this was all a lot of rubbish; highlight and delete. Motivation won’t leave you, it’s yours after all.

Bonus Tip!!!!!!!

My big bonus bonanza tip. Whatever you do, even if you decide I’m just a weird writer wacko, please take this one tip from my heart and secure it safely in yours? Always remember to write from your soul. Put all of you into your writing. Let the reader see you. And always, always remember the reader market you are writing for – ALWAYS!!!


Photo credit: Shelby Miller on Unsplash

My fellow writer friends, my wish is for your writing to flourish! Have confidence in your desire and ability to cement something of value down in words. It was the Indian writer, R. K. Narayan who put it best: You become a writer by writing. None of your grandest plot ideas will go anywhere without putting in the hours. Put them in!

When you need someone’s honest opinion on your work, and this is pure gold; don’t go to the hardware store for milk. Ask people who will give you honest feedback and listen to what they say. Ask them why they don’t like something or prefer it changed. But before even doing this, make sure the topic you are writing on relates to and interests them.

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