Manifesting with angels and fairies


Manifesting with angels and fairies

We are always manifesting, whether we realize it or not. When you choose to conscientiously manifest alongside angels and fairies miracles are very likely! ♥

Human beings are souls having a human experience. Angels and fairies are souls having an angel being or fairy being experience. Their soul plan/path may differ from ours. However, we are all souls on a spiritual enhancing journey. Perhaps angel or fairy reincarnated souls wanted to help others thrive in their experiences of life so they chose an incarnation/life path in alignment with that particular soul plan.

Humans are becoming growingly interested in consciously connecting and communicating with their angels. Guardian angel and soul family connection are of particular interest. These celestial beings are exclusively dedicated to enhancing your experience of life during your period as a soul having a human being experience. The great news is that such a close relationship with this celestial realm is entirely possible!

After my Angels are real. Fairies are real blog a number of people asked how to connect and communicate with the angels and fairies. The magic happens when you start loving and approving or yourself. The fairies assist in great ways with manifestation but first, the angels play a vital role in balancing the self-love relationship you have with yourself.


Fairies (also referred to as devas, earth angels, earth people, goblins, little people, Gaia energy sparkles and many other names) are wonderful in assisting us with achieving the life we want to live. Fairies have a necessary bit of ego to grasp our human ego-based requirements. They support nature and the animal kingdom, which humans form part of.

Ego is not necessarily bad. Ego is imperative for making manifestation possible. ♥

In the infinity of life from which we all are there are no concepts of lack or need. Within the soul plane (those periods when you are pure energy, fully realizing you are one with it all), you cannot want for anything because everything is readily available to you. Thoughts are manifested the moment you think about anything. Poof just like that, you think it and there it is. In order to choose we need preference, thus ego. Ego assists fairies in determining what exactly we prefer manifested. Your dream home may be a mansion, apartment, cabin or boat. Your ego communicates this to the fairies.

As manifestation works; you place the possibility out there by contemplating the possibility. Whatever crosses your mind becomes pure possible manifestation. When you intentionally focus in on something particular, using manifestation speedup tools like affirmations, journaling or dream coaching, you make it clear to the universe that you welcome this specific manifestation into your soul’s human being experience. Now it must be manifested by universal law.

To quickest attract what you wish manifested in your life it is advised you work exclusively on loving yourself. When you love yourself and daily work on loving and appreciating yourself more, the energy you put out physically begins to change. In accordance with the law of attraction, this results in everything else around you changing too.

When you change, everything around you changes. This is the divine universal law ♥

Angels, wonderful lovely angels assist us in many ways to enhance our experience of having a human life. Loving yourself, respecting yourself, forgiving people and letting go of limiting thoughts and ideas that no longer serve us positively these are true angelic assistance specialties. When we love ourselves our energy field/aura lights up and the fairies are attracted by our divine light of pure heavenly self-love. They love it!


Angels orchestrate beautiful ways to assist us in living in close proximity to our true self. They are known to place helpful information and resources repeatedly in-front of us, like an article, recurring similar ideas like the same song playing repeatedly, strong and clear feelings (gut), even photographs and other items of significance appear from thin air. Another one to pay attention to is when all, seemingly unrelated, conversations somehow lead to the same direction. Angel presence signs include butterflies, pleasing sounds, pleasant smells, bubbles, birds and rainbows. There are many more though.

Angelic protection is another benefit of living in close proximity next to the angels. Free will is always honored. To welcome angel and fairy assistance into your life, simply put the intention clearly out there. Think or say out loud, whichever works best for you: “I welcome angel and fairy assistance into my life to positively enhance my human being experience as a soul having a human life experience for the greatest good of all.” When you make this declaration the angelic and fairy realm fundamentally understand you are setting yourself open to their lovingly support without them going against your free will.

There is so much to learn about angels and fairies. They are absolutely amazing and totally helpful. It’s my privilege and pleasure to share all this knowledge with you.

Manifesting with angels and fairies is quite easy. For starters, the angels and fairies want to work with us. Angels and fairies have a longing to build stronger relationships with humans. Focus on loving yourself, let the greatest good of all (yourself always included) be your North and declare in clear, positive terms what you wish to manifest in your life. Remember to keep your thoughts positive, as much as you can.

By thinking about angels, reading up about them, speaking about them and really doing anything in relation to them, you attract their beautiful divine light and eternal supportive love into your life. Celestial beings see our energy output. By focusing on angels and fairies our energy field/aura starts sending out the message that we are open to the possibility of being friends. It is something very similar to magically lighting up a garden at night by having fairy lights flickering all over the place. By reading this blog post this far, the question arises: “Would you like to connect to the angels and fairies, growing a closer friendship relationship with them?”

Angels and fairies are always present. Doesn’t it make sense to grow closer to them? ♥

My suggestion is to set yourself open to the idea of enhancing your experience of beautiful life with the assistance of the loving angels and fairies. Think or say out loud: “Angels and fairies I would appreciate your loving assistance in manifesting my greatest version of life.” The angels and fairies will find absolutely amazing ways to reach out to you.

May your celestial connection divinely expand. Wishing you light-filled love and great prosperity for the greatest good of all!

Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only.  It is not intended to be a substitute for professional assistance or personal mental health treatment by a qualified clinician.

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