Angels are real. Fairies are real.


Angels are real. Fairies are real.

I communicate with angels and fairies I love performing crystal healing and Reiki sessions. Soul plans intrigue me. That very soul journey is infinitely more exciting when you live it soul by soul with angels, fairies, Gaia energy, everything positive into the mix.

The angels and fairies wish – as they always have – to strengthen their relationship with us, to be close friends. It is my privilege and pleasure being presented with the opportunity to share with you all that I have learned about them, from many reputable sources as well as directly from them. May it impact your life in beautiful, positive ways for the greatest good of all!

Angels exist in a realm of pure light and love. Ego-based limiting thoughts and beliefs make no sense to them. They have an abundance of love and support to offer us and they do this freely. However, the angelic realm doesn’t have personal experience of living with the limiting ideas going along with a soul having a human experience.

Fairies have a far better understanding of modus operandi when a soul is actively taking a human being experience. Fairies do have very light bodies and they also have personal spunk, in the sense that they are loving, wonderful, helpful and kind but in order to assist human beings with manifestation best they also have a necessary bit of ego.

In the spiritual realm, you need for nothing so you literally long for nothing. It’s one thing knowing you can manifest anything. It’s another getting to experience it in a rather realistic simulation, what we refer to as being alive as a human being on planet Earth. So, you make extensive plans or decide to just take the plunge and off you go; a soul doing your human being thing – rebellious, joyful, manifesting. A whole collection of angels dedicated to guide and keep you safe during your experience in this simulation, always with you too.

Angels and fairies are happy to assist us in all measures of life, as far as we allow them to, at least. Free will is always respected. Therefore, in order to welcome the assistance of the angels and fairies into your life, you need to ask them. In your mind or say out loud, “Hey angels and fairies, I welcome your friendship and assistance in my life. Kindly confirm with signs I will clearly understand that you hear, love and support me?”

When the magic starts happening don’t forget to thank the angels and fairies for contributing to your joyful experience of a soul having a human experience 🙂

May all that is positive be with you now supporting you on your evolutionary spiritual path. May many moments of beauty fill your human life experience. May you find the peace you desire. May you always have lots of love and support in your life. I hope you smile. I hope you love. I hope you always love. I hope you are happy, enjoying your life!

Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only.  It is not intended to be a substitute for professional assistance or personal mental health treatment by a qualified clinician.

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