Angels and real. Fairies are real.

Angels and fairies are real. We are not alone. We always and always have wonderful support available and happy to assist us. My new is Adrian H. Nelson, founder of ahngreatlife and I'm a peace fan. Whose with me?


How Holistic Soul Hypnosis can benefit your life

Photo by Taylor Grote on Unsplash How Holistic Soul Hypnosis can benefit your life Think of your mind as two people people living in the same apartment. One flatmate is called the subconscious and one the other is named the conscious mind. Together, these two people have only the best intentions in mind for this apartment. But, what … Continue reading How Holistic Soul Hypnosis can benefit your life

The day I fell in love with Crystal Healing

Back to Crystal Healing and Crystal Reiki. I began incorporating crystals into my Reiki sessions. The results were immediate. I worked with very basic quartz crystals. Clear quartz to invite in white light, rose quartz for love, amethyst for as above so below energy balance, citrine for confidence, carnelian for building a closer connection with source, bloodstone for health, black tourmaline to dispel negativity and a few others.